Turret Brake Flaring Tool

Benefits Of Investing In A Professional Turret Brake Flaring Tool

February 5, 2024

Professional Brake-Flaring Tool lets you create three kinds of precision flares in any five tubing sizes in minimal time. Also, does 3/16 DIN Flares? The benefits of Investing in a Professional Turret Brake Flaring Tool are listed below: 

You can make single, double, and bubble brake flares at a 45-degree angle in seconds. The tool to flash the brakes is made of stainless steel, steel, and soft metal tubes. This stuff is used for things like brake lines, gearbox lines, better lines, and gas lines.

A numbered head in the shape of a turret keeps all the forming dies ready to use. The tube-retaining dies are held in place by a screw clamp with a “T”-shaped handle that can be quickly released. The set comes with a tube-retaining die that is 3/16 inch, 1/4 inch, 5/16 inch, 3/8 inch, and 4.75 mm long, as well as a handle, directions, and a case.


  1. The pipe Flaring tool kit makes professional flares;
  2. Fabricates push-to-connect, GM gasoline line, metric bubble, 45-degree and 45-degree double flares;
  3. Hydraulic power design standalone;
  4. One-handed operation


  • Well-made and long-lasting.
  • It fits five different sizes of tubing.
  • It is simple to use because it is well-designed.
  • It cuts in half the time it takes to make proper flares.
  • It is an excellent alternative to cheap flare tools.


  • Despite their simplicity, the instructions could be more straightforward to comprehend.

Few Facts To Keep In Mind Before Investing In A Professional Turret Brake Flaring Tool

To use, put the tube in and move the gimbal to step 1 to set the line depth. Go to step 2 on the gun to make the flare. To make a double circle, turn the turret to step 3 and start that way. It should be straight with no cracks or other changes. This ensures that each brake flare fits well, doesn’t leak, and looks great.

Five Tubing Sizes

These five critical tubing diameters are 3/16 inches, 1/4 inches, 5/16 inches, 3/8 inches, and 4.75 millimetres. The heavy-duty turret brake line flare tool allows you to generate exact double, single, and bubble flares at 45 degrees to the right. With such a comprehensive selection, you can rest assured that you will have the ideal instrument for various automotive applications.

Compatible Materials

We value versatility in our brake flaring tool. It works well with stainless steel, steel, and nickel-copper tubing, making it an intelligent brake, fuel, and gearbox more astonishing line solution. This tool produces flawless results and durability regardless of material.

Easy To Use 

Unlike similar products, our professional turret brake flaring tool boasts a quick-release T-handle, facilitating swift holder die changeovers. This tool, which is easy to use, improves your productivity, helps you save time, and guarantees a smooth and trouble-free experience, especially for those who are just starting with flare.

Convenient Turret Carrier

Turret carriers help you stay ordered and efficient. It makes all your dies easily accessible, minimizing the aggravation of looking for little or losing components. This careful design simplifies your work, letting you focus.

Precision Is Vital

An effortless level of precision and accuracy can be achieved with this perfect flaring tool. You may rest assured that your brake flares and brake system will continue to be safe and optimised because of the tool’s excellent manufacture. 

Additionally, it reduces the amount of time, effort, and money required to create faultless flares, which guarantees that your plumbing and automotive projects will be of the best possible quality and safety requirements. By adding the brake line flare tool to your toolkit, you will be able to experience the difference that precision can make in your work.

Final Thoughts

Precision flares may be made quickly using the design. No need to search for little parts or worry about missing brake-flaring forming dies—the turret has them all. A “T”-handle screw clamp secures your line during shaping.

Most stainless steel end-forming projects only require Pipe Flaring Tool Kits. DIYers can easily make accurate, concentric flares. You probably used the improper tools to find a flaring stainless tubing complex. The tools are ideal for making single and double flares, bubble flares, push-connect flares, hose flares, and GM fuel line flares. Discover more Tools and Accessories we sell.

This flexible tool can make brakes, gasoline, gearboxes, vacuums, oil, coolants, hydraulics, and other specialised hard-line flares. A durable, moulded box holds the custom-fitted tool, clamp, and flare dies. A segmented box has the hydraulic flare tool, and all die.

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