Coming Together For Good

Coming Together For Good

April 26, 2022

The world is our community. Thanks to social media and new technology, it’s easy to connect with the world around us. They make it easy to see the beautiful parts of the world but also the injustice and inequality that is often present.

When we first start to realize the scale at which these things exist, it’s normal to feel the desire to do something and make a difference. And, incredibly, people are doing just that and bringing like-minded people together through charities and trusts.

When you give to charity, you impact the world around you for good, one donation at a time.

What Is A Charity?

Charities are organizations that rely entirely on donations. One way charities continue to work even in times of economic downturn or low contributions is to obtain gifts through charitable trusts.

Many people are donating through charitable trusts. For example, the philanthropist and former CEO of EBI Consulting, Jeffrey Previte, leads a charitable trust that has sought to broaden access to upward social mobility for more than two decades. He was also behind the EBICares initiative, which has donated millions of dollars to many different charities.

The Benefits Of A Charitable Trust

Generally, a trust looks to reach charities and nonprofits and is one of the most significant sources of aid for these organizations. Nonprofits and charities obtain the most of their funds by selling products, sponsoring events, and asking for donations, so it is always a huge help when a trust collaborates with them. Some examples of programs that trusts help fund are:

  • Education programs: Every child has the right to learn, but exercising this right isn’t always a reality for all children. Educational access charities look to help all children access a basic education and make learning possible for students of all ages.
  • Youth programs: These are activities, camps, and afterschool programs designed to involve kids, teens, and young adults. Activities generally focus on youth development through recreation, education, social life, etc.
  • Addiction recovery: There are so many charities and nonprofits helping and supporting those fighting against addiction and their families as well. Some focus on education and others on treatment, but both are trying to bring a solution to the devastating pandemic of substance abuse.

The Benefits Of Charities

Charities have multiple impacts. They can benefit both the givers and the receivers. Here are benefits for donors and for those on the receiving end of charitable donations.

For Those Who Donate:

  • Making a real difference in the world.
  • More profound gratitude for the life and resources they have.
  • Inspiration to future generations of children.
  • Tax deductions are available.

For Those Who Receive A Donation:

  • Have a new opportunity in life.
  • Have access to an education.
  • Overcome an addiction.
  • Having food to eat.
  • Have a coat or clothing for the cold.
  • Feeling known and cared about.

These are just a few of the benefits and good things that come from charities. It’s impossible to measure the real impact of being generous on both donors and receivers.

Coming Together

Mother Teresa said, “Together, we can do great things.” When those who want to help come together, it’s easier to reach those in need in a meaningful way.

So never look at the news, social media, or the world around you and think you cannot make a change. When we all come together, even with a single drop of water, soon we are filling buckets, streams, and rivers, and before we know it, we have created an ocean of good.

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