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Discover 6 Smart Ways To Save Money On Grocery Shopping In Canada

August 2, 2020

Are you looking for the best ways to save money on grocery items? Well, finding out grocery flyers is the best tip that can help you save time and money while planning for a meal.

As nowadays, we read the newspaper less and less and often forget using shopping flyers to save money. However, flyers are an easier and better option than all the other methods. The best thing is, grocery stores put sales flyers online and in apps now!

While it seems like adding another thing to your to-do list, it doesn’t have to consume much time. Moreover, once you get into the habit, it won’t take much time or thought at all. Here, we will tell you some ways to keep your grocery bills down:

Save Money With Sales Flyers

When you are planning for a meal, it is best to know what you already have and plan these items first. Once you have done with what you have, it’s time to use the sales flyers. Look at the flyers for the grocery store you love to shop at. Think if there are meals you can with items on sale.

For example, suppose you find a good deal on chicken. You can make dinner using the meat, or use it for sandwiches and lunches. Even if some of the meat is left, you can freeze it for the future.

Stock On Commonly Used Items

All of us have items we love to keep stocked in our kitchen. If you find these items on sale, and you have enough space, budget, it is good to stock them up. Be careful, though! Be mindful of the space, and check the expiration date of the items.

You can store some food items in the freezer, but not all. Don’t buy things just to feel good. If you stock the items but don’t use them, it is a wastage of food and hard-earned money.

Look For Double Ad Days

Some grocery stores have a day in a week when you can use last week’s flyers Canada along with the new week’s. For example, Sprouts have double ad days on Wednesday. This means you have twice the sales to pick from.

Besides, some stores have double coupon days. It is quite helpful if you want to save more a lot of money. You can find these details on the store’s website or the sales flyers.

Match The Sales With Coupons

You can use coupons with sales if you want to save money on grocery shopping. You don’t have to spend hours hunting for coupons or clip them from newspapers anymore. Stores offer coupons on their apps. So, you don’t need to clip or print anything.

Check the brand’s website to know if they have any shopping coupons available. If you find them and match them with a sale, you can save big bucks.

You Can Ask For The Rain Checks

If a store runs out of an item that is on sale, they often give a rain check. A rain check allows you to get that item on sale at the sale price once it is restocked. It is quite disappointing when you are looking for a sale to only find the shelf cleared. However, getting a rain check means you won’t miss it out.

Use Sales For Snacks

While buying snacks, you aren’t super picky. Perhaps, you look for items that have good ingredients that can be used as a part of your healthy diet. Look at grocery flyers Toronto to see which items are on sale. If you find your favorite snack item on sale, you can stock up.

However, remember to look at the cost/ounce with snacks. Most times, a bigger size is cheaper. And, it is better to stay away from the single-serving package.

With these handfuls of tips in mind, you can make your next grocery shopping super savvy!

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