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Do’s & Don’ts: How To Elevate Your Social Media Content Strategy

May 26, 2020

Have you newly started managing the social media handles for your business? If yes, the popular platforms to get started include Facebook and Instagram. Depending on the type of business and industry, building a LinkedIn presence could be pertinent too.

The big question is, how to ace your social media content strategy to get customers’ attention and even convert them into leads? I have been managing the social media pages and devising a content strategy for a marketing staffing agency. From my experience, there are some do’s and don’ts I would like to share…

The Do’s

Post On The Right Time

Each social media platform has its own set of right times to post. If you follow this schedule, you could increase the chances of exposing your business to more and more people.

Here is what Hubspot suggests:

  • Instagram: For most industries, the ideal time to post on Instagram is between 1 to 5 pm. For B2B businesses it’s from 12 to 1 pm 5 to 6 pm and 8 to 9 pm.
  • Facebook: The best time to post is 9 am when people are just starting to work. For B2B businesses, promising times include 3 to 4 pm.
  • Twitter: A good time to Tweet is between 8 to 10 am and 6 to 9 pm. For B2B companies, the ideal times include 8 to 10 am, 12 pm and 7 to 9 pm.
  • LinkedIn: Trying posting between 10 am to 12 pm. Peak hours for B2B businesses include 12 pm, 8 am and 10 am.

You don’t have to stick to this schedule religiously. Figure out what time works best for your business and follow that.

Create Interesting & Engaging Posts

The key to success is to share interesting, informative, and creative posts. That’s how you engage with more customers. If you are not giving anything unique to the audience, they are less likely to stick around.

Encourage Your Fans To Participate

Look for ways to engage in conversation with your followers. For this, you will have to ask questions and encourage them to share your content. If they leave a comment on your posts, take the time to reply to those comments. Do not let go of any opportunity to engage.

Arrange Events

Events can come a long way in inviting followers nearby. When creating events, use geotags. It would be a great opportunity to meet with your fans face to face. This will help build trust and credibility.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are not just useful on Instagram, they are also useful on Facebook and LinkedIn. Tap into this tool for increasing the shelf life of your posts. They are a critical part of any startup’s marketing strategy. It lets you take your posts to communities linked with your keywords. This way, your content becomes easy to discover.

You can also create hashtags that are unique to the personality of your brand. To find interesting and trendy hashtags, make use of these tips:

  • Stay connected with the news. Try to create a story that connects your brand with that use.
  • Use catchy hashtags and make sure they fit with your voice.
  • Before hitting publish, proofread your hashtags. One typo can jeopardize the entire effort.

Be Regular

I cannot stress this enough. You must regularly post on all social media handles of your business. You can either choose to post every other day or daily.  Once you have decided how frequently you are going to post, be consistent in your efforts even if you are unable to see an outcome right away.

Track The Results

Last but not the least, track the results of your efforts. Use analytics to get insights about traffic and how your content is performing. Make changes in your strategy as required.

The Don’ts

Now let’s move onto the don’ts…

Spam Your Audience

Whether it’s Instagram or any other social media network, do not spam your audience by oversharing. Yes, it is a thing and it can drive customers away.

You don’t’ want to flood their timeline and feeds with useless information or too much information that the eventually unfollow you.

Ignore Negative Feedback/Comments

When you are running a business, it is natural to receive negative comments and feedback. Don’t ignore them right away. I understand we all have haters but sometimes, it’s the matter of your reputation and credibility here.

Engage in a conversation with the customer who left a negative comment. Ask them about their experience and then offer compensation.

Summing Up

It’s recommended to sit with a marketing expert to design a winning your content strategy if you are not experienced in this domain. Just like an accountant won’t know about HR hiring strategies, an entrepreneur may lack specialization in the marketing domain. Good luck with winning customers!

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