Enhancing Home Security With Electronic Door Lock Services
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Enhancing Home Security With Electronic Door Lock Services

September 11, 2023

Many smart home projects are designed to enhance the look and functionality of a home. Some also increase home security. Burglars tend to avoid homes protected by a yappy dog or an alarm system with a sign warning of a barking dog. Adding an electronic door lock is an effective solution for home security.

Increased Security

One of the biggest benefits that electronic door locks provide is increased security. They are pick-proof, meaning they cannot be opened by bumping or picking the lock, a common technique criminals use to enter homes and businesses. This means that you can be sure that your building is locked up at all times and that the security of your belongings and employees is always a priority. Electronic door locks also control who has access to your building and even notify you when someone enters your property. This is particularly useful for homeowners with housekeepers, dog walkers, or other hired help who may regularly be in and out of the home. It allows you to keep better track of when people are coming and going and ensures that your house is fully secured before you go out for the day.

Easy Access

Many electronic locks are available on the market, ranging from simple keypads that only require a code to fingerprint and smart card systems that provide multiple levels of access for different employees. They are an ideal solution for large work premises where many people move throughout the building frequently and security needs tightening. It is advisable to hire electronic door lock Orlando services to ensure they are put in correctly.

With smart lock technology, homeowners can control their front door with a mobile app. They can also set up custom access codes for friends and family, so they don’t need to keep track of spare keys or worry about forgetting to lock up. They can also receive notifications when the kids come home, the dog sitter arrives, or guests check in from a touch-screen base station. Depending on the model they choose, some smart locks can integrate with other devices in the house, like lights, alarms and temperature controls.

Increased Convenience

The ability to store electronic keys or user codes for service professionals, guests and others who need access means no need to worry about rekeying locks when someone leaves the building. Instead, users can quickly and easily share new codes that activate and expire at set times. This also makes tracking entry and exit activity easier without rekeying your door locks. This can be a major benefit for those who live in an apartment block or want to control access for people working late shifts, such as carers and nurses. The only downside is that purely electronic locks can be susceptible to power failures which could lock or unlock them. However, many models have features that ensure this is fine.


Using smart locks with home security systems can provide an added layer of protection. This will allow you to monitor who comes and goes from your property and provide a first line of defense against break-ins.

Many programmable smart locks offer custom user access codes that allow you to limit the number of people who can enter your premises. This means you can track who is coming and going and easily remove access from someone if they no longer need it. Some smart locks also send visitor notifications to your smartphone or touch-screen base station, allowing you to see who’s coming and going – perfect for when the kids get home from school or if your pet sitter arrives at the house.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike physical locks, electronic door locks don’t require the replacement of keys or the cost and hassle of changing batteries. However, they must still be recharged or replaced when the battery runs out.

Centralized ACS makes it easy for businesses to change employee ID badges and clearances or alter the access schedule for certain doors or zones. It also helps security staff keep tabs on when employees are in or out of the building. Passcode customization is another convenience that can help you ensure that only those who should be in your home are. You can even set notifications to remind you to lock up before leaving for work or when your pet sitter is due to come over. You can change your code at any time, too, which is handy if you break up with a significant other or need to replace a lost key.

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