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Five Green Velvet Sofas To Make Your Living Spaces Pop

November 7, 2023

When you think about living spaces, you want furniture that makes the most out of the space while reflecting your personal style. Green velvet sofas provide a stylish, versatile, and durable place for you and others to sit. Velvet offers a look that is both luxurious and calming, two qualities that are crucial for a living room. Green is a color that pairs well with neutrals, other colors, and various surfaces, making green velvet sofas and couches statement pieces in any room. Here are seven options you’re sure to love.

1. Napa Velvet Sofa

The Napa Velvet Sofa is the perfect starting point for building your living room space. It features a timeless look that never goes out of style thanks to its clean lines and distinct geometric shape. Whether you’re fully into the mid-century modern style or you like modern touches here and there, this classic couch brings simple, yet sophisticated details that work with nearly every decor.

2. Napa Velvet Left-Facing Sectional

Sectional sofas offer more seating than standard couches and loveseats. Because of their L-shape, they create a division between spaces in a way that is organic and fuss-free. Our Napa Velvet Left-Facing Sectional Sofa is everything you love about our Napa Velvet style upgraded for a large living room or open spaces that need separation.

3. Nimes Sofa

Sometimes a room calls for something a bit curvier and more laid-back, without compromising on quality, fit, or feel. Our Nimes Sofa provides seating in a curved shape, eschewing angles and straight lines for a retro shape that takes you back to a more groovy era. It comes with three matching throw pillows. Best of all, this sofa comes fully assembled as an instant upgrade for your space.

4. Zyon Velvet Sofa

With its bench-style seat cushions, our Zyon Velvet Sofa brings a vintage vibe that upgrades any interior living space. A honey-colored rubberwood base contrasts beautifully with the sofa fabric, making this one of the best green velvet sofas around. The dark-colored fabric is great for anchoring a room with neutrals or bright colors. You won’t need to break out the tools for this couch that arrives fully assembled.

5. Gus Fabric Lounge Chair

When you’re looking for a seating alternative to a couch, consider a lounge chair to mix things up. Our Gus Fabric Lounge Chair is great for mixing things up beautifully. Use in a room full of neutrals as beautiful accent chairs. Boasting a transitional style, these lounge chairs pair well with furniture in other styles. They’re sized perfectly for a living room, or for living room-type spaces such as an entryway, an office, or the seating area in a master bedroom.

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When it comes to creating an inviting living space, green velvet sofas and couches are stylish, elegant, relaxing, and timeless in their appeal.

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