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Harrelson’s Own CBD Reviews: Is Harrelsonsown.com Scam Or Legit?

September 12, 2023

Are you living with chronic pain or struggling with anxiety? The promise of relief through CBD products might have caught your attention. In this Harrelson’s Own CBD review, we’ll dive into the details to help you make an informed decision. It is a brand endorsed by American actor Brett V. Harrelson, claims to offer a range of CBD products designed to reduce stress, ease pain, elevate mood, and increase energy. But does it live up to these promises, or is it just another deceptive advertisement? Let’s search for this!

What Is Harrelson’s Own CBD?

Harrelson’s Own CBD includes a variety of CBD products, featuring the Instant Pain-Relieving Roll-On Cooling Gel, Signature Blend Spray for Rapid Absorption, and Organic Gummies with Time-Release Formula. These products are marketed as solutions to common issues like stress, inflammation, and low energy levels. The big question is whether they are a better alternative to other CBD products on the market.

Harrelson’s Own CBD User Experiences

Chronic pain can be debilitating, affecting daily life and overall well-being. Many people turn to CBD products in search of relief. According to consumer reports, Harrelson’s Own CBD seems to have positively impacted some users. The Instant Pain-Relieving Roll-On Cooling Gel provided quick relief for one individual, reducing pain intensity and improving functionality.

However, not all experiences were equally positive. While effective in pain management, the oral spray left a lot to be desired in the taste department. Users reported a terrible, nasty taste that was hard to ignore. Despite this, with consistent use, the pain eventually subsided for some.

Ownership Of Harrelson’s Own CBD

The brand is owned by Brett V. Harrelson, who happens to be the elder brother of Woody Harrelson. While Woody Harrelson is the brand’s ambassador, it’s essential to clarify that he isn’t the CEO, as some might assume.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable pricing
  • Operational since 2017
  • Active on social media


  • False advertising with spray CBD oil
  • Strong and unpleasant taste
  • Deceptive 100% money-back guarantee with reprocessing fees

Final Verdict

Harrelson’s Own CBD reviews state that it offers potential relief for those suffering from pain and stress, as indicated by various users. However, it’s not without its drawbacks, including taste and deceptive advertising. Despite these issues, a majority of users appear satisfied with the product, as evidenced by a 4.2-star rating on US-reviews. When considering Harrelson’s Own CBD, it’s crucial to evaluate the pros and cons carefully and seek advice from a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.

In your search for pain relief, remember that individual experiences with CBD can vary significantly. What works for one person may not work for another, so it’s crucial to explore different options and consult with a healthcare provider to find the most suitable solution for your needs.

FAQs – Harrelson’s Own CBD Reviews

  1. Does Harrelson’s Own CBD effectively relieve pain?

While some users have found relief using its products, individual results may vary. It is recommended to seek advice from a healthcare professional for personalized guidance. 

  1. Are there any side effects from using Harrelson’s Own CBD?

CBD products are safe but may cause dry mouth or dizziness. It is important to adhere to the recommended dosages for any medication or supplement you are taking. If you have any questions or concerns about the dosage, it is always best to consult with a healthcare provider before deciding on changes.

  1. Can I return Harrelson’s Own CBD products if unsatisfied?

The website offers a money-back guarantee, but some users reported reprocessing fees when returning items. Review the return policy and contact customer support for clarification before purchasing.

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