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How Creato Crafts Memorable Logos For London’s Leading Brands

February 29, 2024

A logo- is a small visual element with powers greater than you can imagine. It’s your client’s first point of visual interaction, so it should be designed to leave a strong positive impression in the first go itself.

This visual component of the business is the company’s representation for the audience to identify the brand with its shape, colour and font. Around 75% of people agree to recognise a brand by its logo.

So, infusing the memorable element is undeniable, so you need to create a memorable logo for your brand. Thus, you’d need the expertise of professionals who know London’s market inside out. That’s where Creato, a professional logo design agency with over seven years of experience, steps in.

They help you establish a memorable logo that will resonate with the audience in the first go. Let’s examine the unique approach Creato adopts to help brands stand out.

A Unique Approach To Create Memorable Logos For Leading London Brands

Your logo is a reflection of your brand’s story and core mission. So, London’s leading logo design agencies focus on carving memorable logos that will last for years to come.

Here’s a look into the unique approach that these companies adopt:

Understand Your Brand

Designing a memorable logo can be daunting, but what’s worse is when brand elements aren’t included. Before designing the logo, expert designers try to understand what your brand is like and its major product offerings.

To understand the brand, the designers research the target audience and include visual elements that can foster recognition and memorability. For example, the logos of giants like Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, Puma, and more are recognisable because they reflect their brands’ core mission.

Keeping The Logo Simple

Your logo doesn’t have to be overboard, especially when you want your customers to remember your brand. A viewer spends only a few seconds looking at the logo. So, that’s the time span you have to catch the eyes of your audience.

Good and memorable logo design should comprise art, beauty, consistency, and logic. Professional designers play around with the aesthetics to keep the design simple and minimal. For example, the Harrods logo is quite popular and easy to recognise because of its minimalist design. The monochrome palette of the brand has helped with brand identity.

Choose The Right Colours

Every colour evokes a different emotion, so if you want to connect your audience with your brand, choosing the right colours would help. The expert designers, therefore, stress upon the colour wheel while choosing the colours.

Around 95% of the top 100 businesses globally use one or two colours, with blue being one of the most commonly used colour. Blue, red, and black are popular choices for logo design.


Your logo is going places, literally! A versatile logo goes a long way since it will be used in many places, from offline to online. Having a versatile logo helps foster memorability as the audience sees consistent logos across all platforms.

A versatile logo should be responsive to all placement mediums, whether on your product packaging or social media posts. However, a crucial element in this case is maintaining the typography placement.

Creating Vector Graphics

Before the logo comes to life, having a vector design helps to analyse how the logo would appear. The vector graphics should focus on the font, abstract imagery and more. At the same time, professionals lay extra stress on the font choice.

While creating the vector design, it is advisable not to opt for more than two fonts as it would make the design overwhelming. Vector graphics help maintain cleanliness without making the logo appear overboard.

Creating Vector Graphics

Test The Design

Do the internal board members like the logo? Well, here’s when you know how memorable the logo is. Every professional designer tests the memorability of the logo internally before presenting it to the client.

The team dives into a feedback and brainstorming session to understand how the logo would perform in the local market. Furthermore, including local elements also helps garner attention and boost memorability in the test phase.

Finalize The Design

After the new iterations, the design is finalized and pushed forward for the clients to see. Each design is crafted per the respective brand image and message with proper variations to help establish meaningful connections.

Logo Design: Balance & Composition

Composition and Balance are the two crucial aspects of logo design that attract customer attention in London. Therefore, each element in the logo is perfectly balanced to cater to the push-and-pull method. Thus, all the elements are evenly balanced with a clear cut for a better brand perspective. Thus, the logo design and composition are strengthened to draw the audience and give them something they will never forget.

Logo Design

Final Thoughts

A memorable logo design in London is the endgame. A strikingly visual and memorable logo can go places in a competitive landscape like London. Well, the only condition is that these designs should be free from fads yet up to the right mark, standing the true test of time. Experts like Creato in London help businesses craft memorable logos like that of Coca-Cola, Nike and more that will stay in the mind of your target audience in London for the years to come. So, ready to be etched into the memories of your target audience? Choose Creato today!

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