Incorporate Farmhouse Decor Into A Modern Home
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How To Incorporate Farmhouse Decor Into A Modern Home

June 19, 2023

Modern farmhouse decor embraces natural textures like reclaimed wood, stone and sisal. The style also incorporates a rustic industrial flair, textured metal accents, and vintage wall signage.

If you’re ready to transition into your new style, identify it and list the elements defining your look. Then you can find a style that best fits your home.

Industrial Metal Accents

Although metals aren’t usually associated with farmhouse decor, you can still incorporate them into your home if used correctly. Decorative elements like distressed wall art, metal sconces and pendant lights, rustic wood tables, and even industrial stools can add a modern twist to the farmhouse style.

When using metal in your farmhouse decor, remember to keep it simple and understated. Too many metal pieces can overwhelm a room and make it look too industrial for farmhouse style. Also, avoid overly rusted metals, as they won’t work well with this design style.

Another way to use industrial metals is by incorporating black elements into your farmhouse living rooms. For example, if you’re decorating around a black TV in your farmhouse living room, consider painting the mantel a dark color to help it blend in better. You can then decorate the mantel with country decorations like family photos, indoor plants, clocks, and galvanized flower buckets.

Exposed Beams

Often associated with rustic designs, exposed beams add an impressive flair to a home’s interior. However, these architectural features can also look right at home in newer homes. With a few days of moderate know-how, homeowners can install wood ceiling panels or repurpose existing ones to achieve their desired modern farmhouse style.

Another key to successful farmhouse design is using natural woods. This can include reclaimed wood furniture, but it can also be as simple as using a wood frame coffee table or shaker cabinets in the kitchen.

Incorporating mixed metals is another popular way to add a touch of industrial farmhouse decor to a living space. This can be done through light fixtures like oversized lantern-shaped pendants, woven lighting, or contemporary takes on wagon wheel chandeliers. Avoid overdoing it with metallic elements, and use them sparingly throughout the room. Stick to earthy materials when it comes to flooring and other interior finishes.

A-Frame Roof

An A-frame roof is a distinct feature that can easily bring farmhouse decor into your home. This roof style echoes mountain summits and refreshing pine trees. It is a favorite for cabins and can be built as a vacation cabin or primary residence.

Wide plank flooring is another common modern farmhouse decor element. This flooring type can be left wood-toned or painted to suit your home’s design. It adds texture to your home’s interior and evokes the feeling that the planks just came from an old barn.

If you are looking for modern farmhouse decor ideas for your home, consider incorporating a board and batten accent wall into one of the rooms in your house. This dimensional finishing treatment can reveal a rustic character to your home and is a good choice for modern farmhouse decor because it isn’t as sterile as basic drywall. This design element can be an interesting contrast with clean, contemporary furniture or oversized statement fixtures like wagon wheel chandeliers.

Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Modern farmhouse design incorporates a touch of industrial style into rooms through lighting fixtures. These unique pieces often feature metal accents like galvanized steel buckets, tin lettering, and PVC tin-look backsplash tiles. Mixing metals is also a popular way to add a touch of rustic appeal to modern farmhouse decors, such as by using a wrought iron chandelier and a hammered copper sink faucet in the kitchen or an oversized industrial-style pendant with ribbed glass shades and cool metallic finishes over a dining room table.

While a few rustic elements can be used to introduce a touch of farmhouse style into a home, it’s important to do just what is necessary. Overly distressed furniture and abrasive finishes can quickly turn a modern farmhouse design into something that looks like it needs to be completed. For a chic, well-planned look, limit distressed elements to one or two decorative items per room and keep them petite in scale so they don’t overwhelm you.

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