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How To Succeed With A New Motor Repair Shop

October 26, 2020

Owning a motor repair shop can be highly rewarding and a great way to make a living. If you can develop a solid customer base, this can be a successful business venture as it is work which will always be in demand because people rely on their vehicles so heavily. While there is certainly the potential for success with a motor repair shop, it is also a business that can be hard to run and it is challenging to attract people early on when you do not yet have a reputation. Here are a few tips for a new motor repair shop which should be useful.

Obtain Customer Reviews

When it comes to finding a dependable motor repair shop, people tend to look for recommendations from others. This means that you should look to obtain as many customer reviews as possible and to place these in visible places online, such as on social media and the company website. Additionally, be sure to read each review to see if there are any areas where you could be improving your service.

Be Visible In The Local Area

It is crucial to have a strong presence online. Still, you must not overlook the value of making yourself visible in the local area as it is people in the community that you will want to attract. There are lots of good ways to do this, such as:

  • External signs
  • Adverts in the local paper
  • Forming strategic alliances (used car dealerships are a good option)
  • Attending community events
  • Sponsorship
  • Raising money for a local charity
  • Offering work experience to schools

Secure A Good Motor Trade Insurance Deal

Every motor repair shop needs to have motor trade insurance in place so that they can work with vehicles legally and know that they are protected. Getting fully covered will protect your business, and you will want to use the services of an insurance broker to get the best new motor trade insurance quote for your business. This will then give you peace of mind and help you to operate with confidence each day.

Be Friendly Yet Professional

Many people find taking their vehicle to an auto repair shop to be a daunting experience and worry that their lack of knowledge will make them look silly. If you can make every customer feel at ease and valued, then this can work wonders because they will certainly bring their vehicle back (provided that you did a good job) and recommend the garage to their family and friends. This means that you want to make customer service a priority by being friendly yet professional, explaining the work to people clearly without being patronizing and getting to know your customers.

It can be hard to succeed as a new motor repair shop as people tend to stick to the companies that are established and have a positive reputation. These tips should come in useful and help you to start attracting customers, improve your reputation and run the best possible business.

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