How To Take CBDA Tincture

How To Take CBDA Tincture?

September 21, 2021

CBDA is the acid form of CBD; when we saturate CBD acid under the sun, we are left with a concentrated solution of CBD. When CBD acid is exposed to sunlight, it loses the carboxyl ring and breaks into an active compound known as CBD (cannabinoid). Usually, this acid is found in raw hemp plants or marijuana plants. Without struggling with imbalanced body weight, you can easily maintain healthy and fit muscles with CBDA.

Since CBDA is rich in beneficial properties, most people are now switching to acid form rather than oil. Also, some people consider CBD acid to be more organic. As a result, people are considering CBD acid (CBDA) over any other form of cannabis. Below we have shared a few CBDA benefits for your convenience.

  • Cure Early Symptoms Of Cancer
  • Nausea
  • Sleep Cycle
  • Appetite
  • Sexual Desire
  • Memory
  • Mood Swings
  • Social Behavior
  • Inflammation

CBDA works through interacting with the serotonin level present in the human body system. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates sleep cycles, memory, social behavior, and mood swings. Researchers have discovered that CBDA might have therapeutic properties too. So, if you are searching for a comprehensive guide to consuming CBDA, keep reading further.

Dosage Guide

CBDA is usually consumed through topicals and tinctures, but it can be consumed through capsules, soft gels, cooked food, etc. Below we have shared a few ways to add CBDA to your daily routine.

Taking CBDA Tincture

The best way to have a quick result is to consume tincture by placing it under your tongue. This way, it will easily enter your bloodstream and work faster than any other way. First, some amount of tincture liquid will directly be absorbed through capillaries present in your mouth. Then, the rest of the medicine will be swallowed for the delayed effects. Usually, one drop is equal to 1 mg of cannabinoid.

Taking Capsules & Medicine

If you find placing droplets under your tongue difficult, you should consume CBDA through capsules or tablets. You can add a droplet of CBDA tincture to your food as well, and it will reflect the same effects on you. However, results may take longer than usual because they will first pass through the digestive system.

Consume Exact Dosage

The results of any CBD or CBDA depend upon the dosage as well. Consult the doctor or refer to the guidelines or instructions written on the back side of the pack. Buy CBD products from genuine a place and take an adequate amount of dosage in the initial stage and increase it gradually.

Take CBDA With Edibles

If you add drops or include capsules/edibles in your food, it can benefit you a lot. By adding CBDA to your daily routine, you can experience results more quickly and save simultaneously.


There are many ways you can consider CBDA in your daily routine, and you can refer to the list above. But we recommend you consider consulting with your doctor before starting with the dosage. Even if you consider dosage by yourself, make sure your preparation is away from any heat or sunlight as it can enable the decarboxylation process.

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