Is Boxing The Hardest Sport

Is Boxing The Hardest Sport?

July 21, 2022

When ranking sports according to toughness, sports analysts from the United States Olympic Committee agreed that boxing is at the top of the list. Nerve, endurance, and strength are a few factors used to determine the level of sports difficulty. Boxing is high on all these factors. Read on to identify three reasons why boxing is considered among the most challenging sports of all time.

Boxing Requires Stamina

Boxing involves a rigorous training regime, and boxers need the stamina to keep up the work output. Mastering the art of sweet science is challenging both mentally and physically. During boxing, all your focus is usually on the opponent as you try to avoid getting hit. Physically, boxing requires the player to be in good shape. Boxers generally maintain a heart rate of 90% over the maximum. The high heart rate puts you at risk of overtraining. Beginners usually complain of body sores and aches for a few days, but it’s temporary. The beginners’ bodies usually adapt as they continuously try the said exercise. The body pain is minimal compared to the long-term gratifying results. Various boxing advantages include:

  • Improved mental health
  • Weight loss
  • Strong core muscles
  • Increased confidence in self-defense skills

Boxing Takes Discipline

It takes discipline and hard work to reach the top in life, and boxing is no different. To succeed in boxing, you must show up each day to train and master the craft of boxing. It would be best if you sacrificed time you could have spent doing less-demanding tasks such as hanging out with friends. Routines are also key to cutting weight, becoming more robust, and applying the game plan. It also takes discipline to push your limits even when you are exhausted. All these must come before the pressure of going under the bright lights of a boxing ring to compete.

Maintaining composure improves boxing skills, and this, too, takes discipline. It is necessary to get on top of the game, even though it means going against all the odds. This focus brings purpose and inspiration. When boxers apply this same discipline to other activities in their life, they will succeed there too.

Fear Of Injury

Boxing exposes players to a high risk of injuries such as a broken nose or brain damage. This risk is because the opponent aims to inflict bodily harm. Boxers are aware of these risks, yet they still play, which takes a lot of nerve.

Though discouraging, neophytes should not fear getting hurt when boxing, since trainers have experience of how to deal with beginners. If you are considering joining a San Diego Boxing club, familiarize yourself with various personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to prevent bodily harm. These include; mouthguards, headgear as well as knuckle and groin protection.

Although all boxing gyms involve sparring, different trainers run their clubs differently. Some gyms specialize in pat holding and bag hitting, while others focus on lighter sparring. The latter is an essential consideration if you are an amateur. Explore the gyms in the area and find one that works for you.

Boxing has a demanding workout regime, both mentally and physically. Moreso, it involves a lot of courage playing, as there is a high probability of injuries such as brain damage. Composure and sacrifice go into the discipline needed to make a boxer great.

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