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Is Your Lifestyle Making You Look Older Than Your Age?

July 2, 2020

We live dangerously rushed and busy lives and all areas of your life overlap with one another. Now we have no fixed boundaries between our work life, our social life, and our professional life. We have to put in a lot of effort to sustain the kind of economic freedom that we enjoy and there is just too much stimulation in our external environment.

This life is taking its toll on our personal lives, our happiness, and even our appearances. Just look at a person who is constantly on the grind without taking any breaks or days off to recharge and rest. You will find that they look old, exhausted, and unattractive.

But another matter to give attention to is the fact that in the current competitive environment, our looks are very important to us. They are a part of our personal branding, the basis on which people base their first opinion about us; they are a reflection of our entire personality. 

Let’s talk about the lifestyle choices that you may have and how are they making you look older than your age. We even suggest a few ways to reverse the signs of aging.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption & Smoking

There are no milder way to put it, excessive alcohol consumption and smoking are extremely damaging to your overall health. These two habits affect your internal organs with time and it shows on your skin making you look older. 

Smoking and drinking too much affects almost all the processes of your body such as digestion, breathing, blood circulation and detoxification. 

There are certain climates which cannot be survived without drinking alcohol, but there is absolutely no need to continue smoking, it has severe impact on your brain functions. 

And people who give up on smoking show some really good changes in their body which reflects on your skin. 

Poor Sleeping Habits

Sleep is one of the most basic needs of our body, every living organisms, even plants have their specified resting period just like us humans. Sleep provides our body with rest; it nourishes our internal organs and recharges and reenergizes us for the next waking period.

Most of us sleep a lot less than we should and the signs of aging come with the lack of sleep. The most obvious sign of aging that follows with the lack of sleep is dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes. 

There are ways to get rid of these wrinkles by using eyes packs, rubbing ice cubes or jade rollers over your eyes, and even using Allergan Botox to remove and prevent further wrinkles from forming under your eyes. But sleeping well regularly will do wonders for your skin and keep you younger looking and glowing naturally. 

Uncontrolled Eating

Unlike our ancestors who had to go out and hunt for food at the expense of their life, we have got it really easy. We just click a few buttons on our mobile screen and food is delivered to us at our door steps, and due to this easy and quick availability of food, we eat a lot more than we need to and it has a serious impact on our body and also on the way we look. 

Now, we are all familiar with the obvious and the most common effect of eating a lot, and that is becoming fat. But some people find it hard to believe that it is the excessive food that they are eating which is making their skin older.

The process is simple; when you eating something, your body focus the entire energy is digesting that food. Different types of foods take different time to be digested but the average amount is at least 8 hours.

But the problem is that we are constantly eating, so our body is constantly overworking to digest this food. This exhaustion of the body leads to signs of aging on your skin in form of age spots, premature graying of hairs, slow growth of hairs such as on your head, eyebrows and eyelashes, and dry lack luster skin.

The best way to beat this degeneration of your body is to be mindful about your eating. Pay attention to the food you eat, eat only to fulfill the requirements of your body, and eat healthy and easily digestible food to assist your body.

You can even use probiotics such as yogurt to help the digestion and improve your gut health, Vitamin E application on your skin can help with moisturizing your skin and nourishing it to give you a healthy glow and Careprost can help in growing your eyelashes and your eyebrows. 

Most important way to help reverse the signs of aging caused due to constant rushing is to take regular breaks, slow down and relax. Meditation is a good way to slow your body down and reverse the signs of aging on your body.

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