Wholesale Waist Trainers

It’s A Hot Trend To Invest In Shapewear & Wholesale Waist Trainers

May 26, 2022

Shapewear and waist trainers are now a must have trend that every woman wants in their closet. While these 2 items can be used interchangeably, they are quite different from each other.  The difference between a waist trainer and shapewear, let’s say a full bodysuit, is the result they give. When it comes to temporary results, shapewear is the ideal choice.  It can give s slimmer silhouette instantly and also provide a smooth foundation underneath your clothes. On the other hand, waist trainers can help to shape your body and improve postures. Read on to find out the differences between the two amazing garments.

Wholesale shapewear can give your body a smooth curve and is easy to wear with your clothes. They are known to hide problem areas easily and shapewear comes in many different types and designs.

Waist trainers are popular for those who want their waistline to look smaller. This compression garment is like a belt or band that is worn around the midsection is similar to a corset. Waist trainers are made from elastane material and have velcro or hooks to keep them strapped on. They are worn to make the waist smaller and burn belly fat during workout. When worn for 8 hours or more, waist trainers can mold the waist to form an hourglass figure. It can also help with the posture by reminding you to straighten up when walking or sitting.

The Best Shapewear Pieces & Waist Trainers You Can Buy 

Trending Waist Trainers

If you are in the market for some shapewear and waist trainers, check out these fun and stylish solutions from Waistdear that are functional and figure flattering for every shape and size.

Trending Waist Trainers That You Should Get

Best Shapewear Pieces

This waist trimmer features a durable double belt that traps heat and increases your sweat output. Designed with a front zipper and four lines of clips for different levels of compression, the wholesale waist trainers with logo offer full coverage, belly band shapewear offers firm compression and additional support. It also has 7 steel bones to prevent rolling up or down.


Designed with three rows of hook and eye closures, this waist trainer is designed for cinching, slimming and waist training. It offers space to tighten the belt for a custom fit. The flexible 9 steel bones help to maintain the hourglass shape. It is best for everyday wear.

Best Shapewear To Wear Under Clothes

Best Shapewear To Wear Under Clothes

For those looking for a super contoured look from the middle stomach to the thighs, this high-waisted shaper short is what you need. It sculpts the waist, tucks the tummy and slims the thighs seamlessly. It features mesh detail on the rear to offer breathable wear and also lift the butt.

Look sexy in this pretty bodysuit shapewear that actually sculpts and defines your curves for that snatched look. Featuring an inside mesh for tummy and abdomen control, this shaper has adjustable shoulder straps for easy tightness adjustment and hook and eye closure at the bottom for bathroom convenience. You will look cute, sexy and sleek at the same time.

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