Kakaxi: Story Of Food Growing From The Farm To Your Table

December 14, 2021

You must have seen a rapid increase in IoT Technology over the years. Simultaneously, various new-gen startups like – kakaxi also faced a rise in their agriculture business. They reshaped the agriculture sector in small but meaningful ways. Moreover, people these days are not only concerned about the food but the manufacturing process too. Usually, we buy food material and use it without knowing how it is grown and who is behind the story. All we have is little information about the farmers and the cultivation process. 

Most people consider supermarket cultures that sacrifice transparency of manufacturing and production processes. But in recent times, US-based moments like Farm-to-Table gained popularity amongst conscious buyers. It created a close link between farmers and consumers, which added a completely new dimension to eating food and brought a sense of appreciation to the farmers. This article will answer all your queries related to the production process and how hard farmers work to get your meal served on the table.

How Kakaxi Is Beneficial 

Kakaxi is an Ai-powered remote visualization 3G device. A platform to easily collect & analyze small images and ambient data. A Kakaxi camera is designed in such a way that it captures nature and utilizes the information from a remote environment. 

Through this useful device, you can experience and embrace the process of production of your food. For example, you can keep a check, how coffee beans are supplied and how far your lettuce traveled from the paddock and the grocery store. Also, you can start considering various ways to contribute to sustainable farming with the kakaxi device. 

Moreover, transparency in the production process increases confidence amongst the people regarding the safety and purity of their food. 

Key Features Of Kakaxi

This device has various key features, which makes it a unique device for farmers and consumers. So, if you are searching for Kakaxi, keep reading further. Below we have shared a few major features and specifications of the kakaxi Bluetooth device. 

Li-Ion Battery

This multipurpose device has a rechargeable Li-ion battery of 2000mAh, which provides massive backup on the field. That means a user can rest assured that his device will not stop working in the middle of the day. You can charge your kakaxi by connecting a micro USB between the Kakaxi device and the solar panel.


It has sensors that can measure temperature and humidity efficiently. 

  • Humidity: Measurement range 0% to 99%, RH at resolution 0.1% RH
  • Temperature: Measurement range -40 degree Celsius to -80 degree Celsius at resolution 0.1% RH

Also, it measures insolation intensity and rain gauge. 

  • Isolation intensity: 10-12 – 10-2 (w) 
  • Rain Gauge: mm/h, resolution 0.31 mm/h 


Consumers can easily configure the device information and settings via iphone. As soon as you configure your device and connect with the kakaxi device, you will receive all videos and photos of the agricultural growth of your favorite food. For example, if you are a coffee lover and your favorite brand is Nespresso, you can sign in and get all the inside stories of coffee beans you are drinking daily. 


The Kakaxi device has a solid VGA camera with a 640px x 480px. Which provides crystal clear pictures and videos. The videos captured by this monster camera are converted to time-lapse videos, which provides a delightful process of agriculture growth to the consumers. Additionally, the Kakaxi camera supports JPEG compression format for its photos. 

Besides all these key features, the kakaxi device runs efficiently over 3G networks. It majorly supports two networks: JP model – NTT Docomo, the US model – AT&T. 

Also, you can operate kakaxi device on:  

  • Temperature: -5 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius 
  • Humidity: 0% – 100% 

Working Process Of Kakaxi In Fields

Kakaxi: AI device was designed to monitor and deliver on-site data to the farmers and urban consumers. Because it becomes difficult for the farmers to keep an eye on every minute of their agricultural farms, it can efficiently monitor temperature, sap flow, and humidity. While on the field, the Kakaxi camera captures images and time-lapse videos of agriculture progress and prepares reports that anyone can see. 

If we talk about the process below, we have shared the working mechanism of the device step-wise. 

  1. Firstly, it measures the weather, then captures pictures and time-lapse videos of the growth.
  2. Then, this device creates a basic report of the field, and further, the data is uploaded via a cellular network to the secure vault or cloud. Where farmers can access all the information, reports through a dedicated app.

Risk & Challenges

Installing farm monitoring devices at farm fields has various risks and challenges to deal with. Usually, these devices are heavily affected by the changing weather. Therefore, there may be situations when your kakaxi will not accurately gather field information and transmit it effectively. 

In addition, the farm2table movement requires mass participation. And it’s not easy to measure the level of engagement for the monitoring device. Therefore, it becomes unpredictable until the number of farmers and consumers has been gained as customers. As a result, it becomes risky that the farmers & consumers will not engage with the product as expected. 

Collaborations Of Kakaxi

After the successful trial of the kakaxi Bluetooth device, this startup team has commercialized their solutions. In recent years, Kakaxi has inked contracts and deals with major international beverages and food brands. And specifically partnered with the famous coffee brand Nespresso. Moreover, kakaxi installed their field monitoring devices on small coffee fields in September 2017 itself. 

This collaboration provided a handful of data regarding those little capsules of coffee you are drinking in your morning espresso. Now, Nespresso farmers are monitoring and sharing their ‘seed to harvest’ stories with their consumers with the help of the kakaxi video agricultural device, which is creating great gateways to the world of coffee. 


Hopefully, this article has guided you about the usage of Kakaxi devices efficiently. With the progressive indulgence of AI technology, our agriculture sector has a bright future ahead. Therefore, before buying your Kakaxi device for your agricultural business, we recommend considering the guide given above to understand your new purchase better. 

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