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Let’s Try The Online Myers Briggs Personality Test Free

August 9, 2021

To take a test for your personality and know deeply about it, the Myers Briggs Personality test is the ideal method as it provides the right and reliable results. Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) tells about a person’s strengths, weaknesses, dominant traits, etc.

You need to answer a questionnaire set up by Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers using Carl Jung’s personality types theory. You can take a Myers Briggs Personality Test free by AI for correct results.

What’s Myers Briggs Personality Test?

Briggs and her daughter Myers were attracted by the psychological theory proposed by Carl Jung and believed we could use it in reality. Soon, they researched for indicators that tell about individual personality differences. After creating the test in the 1940s, it was tested on friends and family, while improvement continued to be made on the test for almost 20 years.

When people take this questionnaire and answer questions, they are deemed to have a type of personality out of sixteen alternatives. Anyone who takes this test knows about their traits related to strengths, career choices, likes, weaknesses, dislikes, etc. We cannot compare personality as every type is unique in its traits.

The test is not meant for comparing two individuals, instead, it helps you understand your personality in a better manner and make better decisions in life. The MBTI test gives results based on four different scales.

The 4 Scales Of Myers Briggs Personality Test

Extraversion: Introversion

Jung explored introversion and extroversion in his personality theory and told about the manner in which people interact and react to everything happening in the world. Most of you may have heard these terms, but the personality test makes use of them in a different way.

Introvert people are considered quiet, love spending alone time, like meaningful meetings and interactions, and are thought-oriented. Extroverts enjoy social meetings, are action-oriented, and do everything with a lot of energy and excitement.

Sensing: Intuition

The scale takes into consideration how people look at their surroundings and gather information from them. The test tells us that an individual is strong at intuition or sensing the surroundings based on the situation. Those who have a strong sense learn from their surroundings and focus on what’s real.

Experience and facts are what drive people who have strong sensing abilities. Those who have a strong intuition keep an eye on patterns and impressions. Such people focus on possibilities, theories, studies, and the future.

Thinking: Feeling

This scale analyses how people use and make decisions based on the information they got through their sensing or intuition. Test results show that individuals who use thinking put more focus on facts, data, logic, etc., while making moves.

People who are more focused on their intuition use feelings and consider the emotions, feelings, and mindset of people in their decisions and actions.

Judging: Perceiving

This scale tells how a person handles the world and things happening in it. People who use judging like a planned structure and strong decisions. People who prefer perceiving are open to others ideas and adaptable according to their surroundings. The scale tells about a person’s decision-making process and dominant traits.

Myers Briggs Personality Test: Personality Types

The personality test lists 16 types of personalities based on a person’s strengths, weaknesses, and dominant traits. Each type is indicated by a 4-letter code.

ISTJ: The Inspector

ISTP: The Crafter

ISFJ: The Protector

INTJ: The Architect

INFJ: The Advocate

ISFP: The Artist

INTP: The Thinker

INFP: The Mediator

ESTP: The Persuader

ENTP: The Debater

ESFP: The Performer

ENFP: The Champion

ENTP: The Debater

ENFJ: The Giver

ESFJ: The Caregiver

ENTJ: The Commander


The Myers Briggs Personality test is popular for testing the personality of a person because it holds reliability standards. However, human beings are really difficult to understand, and one cannot fully examine someone’s personality using this test.

The test is really easy to take by anyone, making it one of the most used instruments by psychologists. When you search for the test online, you will find multiple versions. Whenever you take the test, make sure it is examined by a qualified psychologist, and the results are interpreted by professionals. Take the test and develop your personality traits.

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