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Outdoor Living Trends For 2021

July 13, 2021

The headlines have been everywhere. Lifestyle magazines such as Better Homes & Gardens have been touting the biggest trends of the year and encouraging everyone to take their indoor lifestyle outside.

And it’s not just industry publications and news sites spreading the word. Surveys suggest a huge number of people now consider their outdoor living spaces more valuable than ever, and they’re spending more on lawn care, landscaping, tree services, and custom lighting in this post-pandemic world.

Here are the trends emerging so far this year as homeowners call on businesses like https://www.secureturf.com/ to make the outdoors an extension of the home.

Full-Service Solutions

While people clamor for outdoor kitchens and weather-resistant furniture and decor, a good landscaping company will look at the bigger picture.

Full-service solutions to a dreamy outdoor oasis should include practical discussions about the need for retaining walls, drainage, and more. These options should be considered for any property that has challenging terrain, sloping issues, or unsightly areas where drainage is an issue. After all, you wouldn’t want to put the outdoor kitchen of your dreams in an area with sitting water and other potential hazards.

Sod Installation

Big lawns typically mean a ton of maintenance, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If your lawn has uneven growth, bare spots, and weeds, you may be considering a full replacement.

Sod can completely transform your outdoor space, achieving a beautiful and mature landscape. All it takes is amending the soil and creating a finishing grade before installation. Within days, the lawn could look brand new.

Elements Of Surprise

Wouldn’t it be nice to add custom benches, a brand new fire pit, or flower gardens that can bring a pop of color to the landscape? These elements can help you enjoy an outdoor living space in a whole new way.

Many people also consider mini gardens to be on-trend and all about practicality and functionality. Instead of planting flowers, fruits, and vegetables in the ground, these plants are placed in containers so the garden becomes easy to maintain. The pots and planters can also be arranged around or even placed on outdoor furniture as accent pieces.

If you’re considering big changes to your lawn, let a professional landscaper create a customized plan with the products and services that work best for you. Experts can restore your lawn to its natural beauty and give you a space you’ll truly love to spend time in.

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