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Pikdo: All About Instagram Online Viewer

March 24, 2020

Have you ever heard about Instagram’s online viewer? Pikdo is the one! Pikdo is an Instagram online viewer. Created to push Instagram’s founders to create the web version of the app, the Pikdo was created. It let users view location, followers, popular contents, hashtags, Instagram statistic, and more.

In simpler terms, you can call it a collection of information that you can freely browse. Besides, you don’t have to put any personal information in Pikdo.

In addition, it has a very simple yet interactive user interface; you don’t have to click any bells and whistles to access Instagram’s basic functionality. With this app, you don’t feel anything less than using the original Instagram app.

Just sign-in the app; once done, you will be able to view all your pictures, popular photos, friend’s photos, and more. However, in the photo browser, you will be able to see only one picture at a particular time.

Hover on the picture to check its caption or to like the photo. You can also click on the photo to share it with your social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) accounts.

Just like Pikdo, there are many other sites that provide all updates on Instagram. But, with this app, you can get all other updates without using your own credentials.

Furthermore, Pikdo has a huge search bar that allows searching for users and other relevant tags.

You can use Pikdo for more general use, as it doesn’t allow searching popular accounts and other celebrity accounts. In other words, you can call it a more general audience-driven community. There’s one section that is known as the popular photos, which include photos of users’ posts.

So, instead of following someone’s profile, you can use Pikdo to increase your profile on Instagram.

Increase your reach by using posting information country wise.

Some of the most popular capabilities of this app:

  • View Photos & Videos
  • Like Photos & Videos
  • Post Comments
  • Popular Photos & Videos
  • Your Photos
  • Followers & Unfollowers
  • Users & Hashtags

So, get ready to explore Instagram with Pikdo. The best thing- it’s free!

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