Planning Advice In Essex

Planning Advice In Essex: Learn More About Planning Permits

August 15, 2023

Planning permits are a legal requirement in Essex. Before you start building a house, you must get planning permission from the relevant authorities. The process of acquiring one can be complicated depending on the size of your project.

However, there are instances where you are exempted from applying for planning permission. Such cases may happen if you are building an extension or converting a part of your house. Extension and conversion projects are also covered under the permitted planning clause. 

Herein, you will learn more about the planning permission stage services. Moreover, the article will share in-depth planning advice in Essex. 

Planning Permission Stage Services

The process of applying and getting planning permission depends on your project’s requirements. The first stage involves a site survey and design meeting with an inspector from your local authority. You can also hire a certified construction inspector to help you during the planning permission stage services.

Stage two is consolidating your planning permission drawings. You must have all the necessary supporting design and policy documents. Ensure that the documents are in order with no errors. Erred documents will be rejected and you will have to reapply for the planning permission.

The last phase involves the submission and management of the application. While you’re at it, your local authority in Essex will check if your project conforms to the listed building consents. It is at this point that getting solid planning advice in Essex becomes crucial. 

Planning Advice In Essex

We recommend hiring a planning consultant from Humphreysandsons to help you through the process. The planning experts work alongside a team of other professionals, for example architects, quantity surveyors, and environmental officers, to ensure that your application is up to par.

As mentioned, getting planning permission from your local authority is a legal requirement in Essex. The permit is obtained before you break ground for any building projects. You may not require a planning permit for certain building works, for example extensions, conversions, or temporary structures.

You will face legal action from the authorities if you don’t get the necessary planning and building regulations permits. The legal repercussions can be tough and will derail the progress of your project. 

You might get a hefty fine and be ordered to stop your project until you get the planning permit. Furthermore, you may have to demolish the project and start afresh after you have applied for a planning permit.

Approval for planning permissions can take anywhere between 8-12 weeks. The planning consultants will also help you appeal a denial of planning permission.

Summing Up

Planning permits and building regulations are critical documents required before you start a construction project. Applying for planning permission can be a lengthy process, especially for massive projects. 

If you are in Essex, we recommend working with a planning consultant near you. They will help you develop design and planning drawings. They can also link you up with site surveyors and environmental officers for feasibility studies on your proposed construction site. 

Planning experts are well-versed with the planning laws in your city. Hiring one will reduce the chances of getting a rejection.

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