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Quantity vs. Quality: What Email Marketers Need to Know

March 9, 2020

You can have a never-ending debate on the age-old conflict; Quantity vs Quality. This conflict arises in most fields that require marketers to connect with prospective users or customers. Both these facets of marketing have their pros and cons.

What works for one brand or company might not work for the other and that is because you need an ideal mix of both; something which can only be determined by accessing the goals behind email marketing, your target audience, and resources available at hand.

Several questions need to be addressed by email marketers before they start sending the emails and once these are answered, only then can they focus on the quality as well as quantity.

  • Is it better to send just one mail that covers the entire content which the brand wants to be conveyed to the receiver or should the content be divided into a series of smaller mails that are easier to read and retain?
  • What is the target audience segment that the brand wants to influence and market to
  • Does the email content need follow-up emails?
  • Is the content gripping enough to generate high open and click-through rate?

If Your Heart Goes Out To Quality First

Even if you have got the best of content written for your email marketing, if it hits the receiver like a tornado, it might create a negative perception in the mind. Focusing on drafting a crisp, clear and cohesive content is what is going to impress the audience and that is what quality is all about.

Professionals at GoAssignmentHelp say that the quality of the email goes a long way in getting you a place in the reading list of the reader and if the reader likes what he reads the first time, chances of him opening the email again increase.

Creating The Best Quality For Email Marketing?

Getting your mailer list ready is the first step towards ensuring that quality is maintained not only in the content of the email but also in the receiver list. The brand needs to create a list in collaboration with the email marketer that list needs to be divided into different sections. Each segment of that mailer list should receive an email that is specific to their area of interest, in case several areas are being addressed by the brand.

This way the marketer ensures that quality is maintained and the number of emails going out to one person also stays in check. Some of the categories that can be used for this segmenting are demographics, geography, and the spending capacity of the receiver to name a few.

How Much Is Too Much?

Sending one mail and then reminders thereafter is one way in which the quantity of the mails increases. It is important in the case where the email pertains to a sale or an offer that lasts for a limited time. The receiver might have missed out on the first mail so you should send the mails a little before the event starts, a reminder when it starts, one while the event is going on and the last when the event is nearing completion.

In some case the principle of ‘out of sight is out of mind’ does work and repeat mailers serve the purpose of keeping the mail content in the subconscious mind of the receiver. The marketer can also send a series of welcome emails to new subscribers to the email marketing service but that’s about it. Once the customer has been familiarized with the product, brand, and services, discretion needs to be exercised on the number of emails being sent.

Another argument that goes in favor of quantity is that companies that have a higher email marketing post rate usually get more traffic on their website as compared to companies that post less than four times a week. This is keeping in mind that the email has been sent out to the right segment of people. Sending the email repeatedly to a receiver who has not shown any interest in it by not opening it, is one mistake that does not work in favor of quantity.

Where Does The Vote Lie: Quantity Or Quality

The odds are in the favor of quality as what good would be an email if it gets sent to trash without being opened. If the quantity of the emails being sent is too much, there is always the risk of important content being missed out by the receiver as he or she might directly trash the mail. It will be a classic case of the ‘boy who cried wolf’. The quality of your content should be so gripping and eye-catching that it need not warrant a barrage of repetitions.

According to a study conducted by Microsoft, an average person has the attention of 8 seconds and the content of your email should fit the bill to harness the potential of these 8 seconds. This can be done by creating a catchy subject line for the email or by the use of impressive images.

How Do You Reach A State Of Equilibrium?

  • Having A Schedule

Mindless sending of emails is bound to put off the receiver. There has to be an optimum time gap between two mailers. Not too long to make the customer lose interest and not too soon to make him cringe away.

  • Diversity In Posts

You can either divide the content across several mails or package the content differently each time with the help of excellent graphics.

  • Keep The Email Short

Try and convey the message as much as you can through images while keeping the content short. People lack the patience to read through lengthy emails when they get several of those from different brands every day.

  • Use Creativity Packaged With Innovation

Have your marketing team adhere to the trending formats being followed. You can have a winning strategy on your hands that is high on quality and is sent out in just the right quantity to keep the interest of the receiver piqued and have them appreciate the content fully.

  • Analyze The Past Trend

Evaluate the effectiveness of past email marketing content to see what works best for your brand and follow the pattern.

All said and done, the best strategy for any business would be to find the perfect balance between quantity and quality as both are important in their place.

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