Body Cameras In Law Enforcement

The Advantages Of WatchGuard Body Cameras In Law Enforcement

September 1, 2023

With law enforcement body cameras rugged enough to endure real-world use, capture the truth. Learn why WatchGuard is a leader in police body cameras for agencies serious about officer accountability and strong evidence.

The V300’s detachable battery and wireless uploading address officers’ need for cameras that last beyond a 12-hour shift. Its quick swaps and expansive storage also help departments reduce costs by pooling cameras for changes.

Accurate Recordings

In the field, officers must respond to everything from petty theft to serious crimes. They need more time to write reports or watch video footage of incidents in detail after they occur. Integrated body and in-car video systems capture synchronized video of critical events. The system allows officers to quickly and easily select and download recordings for review at the station. WatchGuard’s patented Record-After-the-Fact technology, available on the 4RE in-car camera system and the VISTA body cam, gives agencies the power to go back in time and record an incident days after it happened – even if the officer never activated the device to start recording. This is the only feature of its kind in the industry. The VISTA and 4RE can also be paired to record scenes from multiple angles.

Multi-Peer Recording

During an incident, authorized staff can watch a live stream of an officer’s view remotely and offer support as needed. Leading body camera platforms use programmatic integrations and hardware sensors to alert officers that a supervisor or other authorized staff are watching their video. A group recording capability on the WatchGuard body camera helps improve departmental transparency and strengthen case evidence. Patented Distributed Multi-Peer Recording technology distributes decision-making between the in-car system and body cameras, allowing any officer to initiate a group recording that automatically synchronizes multiple camera angles on scene. Officers can stream videos from their body cams back to the station over available cellular broadband networks without returning to their patrol car at the end of their shift. This provides more flexibility and saves valuable police resources.

Real-Time Communication

With exceptions to certain sensitive situations, officers are encouraged to activate body cameras when responding to calls for service or engaging citizens in law enforcement-related encounters. These interactions are automatically recorded, and police departments can also enable the cameras to save 30 to 60 seconds of passive footage before activation. WatchGuard’s VISTA WiFi and 4RE In-Car body-worn cameras automatically link video and audio evidence for the same incident when uploaded into Evidence Library 4 Web or Express. The patented Record-After-the-Fact technology allows agencies to retrieve and categorize incidents even if the record button wasn’t pressed. Providing the right tools to officers ensures they’re always prepared to take action and deliver on their promise of transparency and accountability.

Automated Backup

For agencies committed to transparency and capturing all incidents, the last thing you want is to lose footage. With WatchGuard, body cams and in-car cameras work as a single system, automatically synchronizing recordings for playback and sharing. Officers can stop worrying about battery levels or memory space and focus on the job. The VISTA’s LED-backlit screen quickly displays essential camera stats at a glance. With a large, easily accessible start/stop button, capturing HD video is simple and quick. Using patented Record-After-the-Fact technology, the 4RE in-car and V300 body cams store high-quality videos even after an incident has ended, so you never have to worry about losing important evidence. GPS coordinates can search video or time to link multiple cameras not part of a group recording, giving you more angles on an incident for greater context.

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