Benefits Of Purchasing Through A Blue Label Dealer

The Benefits Of Purchasing Through A Blue Label Dealer

September 6, 2023

Glock pistols come in a variety of calibers. They are an excellent choice for most handgun users, from the smallest to the largest. Glocks are polymer-framed striker-fired guns with three safety features: trigger safety, firing pin safety, and drop safety. They are a very durable handgun.

Customer Service

Private citizens can purchase a Glock blue-label gun with coupons from a local blue label dealer Charlotte. Also, Police and Law Enforcement officers on active duty, retired, or who have served with a police department can get a discounted price on their Glock through the Blue Label Program. Glock is one of the few manufacturers caring for those in uniform. Firefighters on active duty, retired, or have previously served with a fire department can also purchase their Blue Glock at a discount. However, they must provide their current active duty department credentials and picture I.D. Honorably Discharged Veterans can also take advantage of this program by providing their DD214 and Driver’s License. Eligible customers can also receive a coupon that can be used for their Blue Glock at a participating local store, which can be found through the Glock online dealer locator.


Glock offers a discounted price on their pistols to law enforcement, first responders, and military personnel. These discounts are called Blue Label. The Glock Blue Label Program is a special designation that comes from the factory. Any Glock that meets the following criteria is considered a BLUE LABEL. Sworn Law Enforcement officers, including Federal, State, County, and municipal sworn LEOs and retired LEOs, can provide retired credentials and picture I.D. Nationally recognized Security companies that employ full-time armed guards with valid company identification. Active duty Firefighters and volunteer firefighters with current Active Duty Department Credentials or a current Fire Department Picture ID that indicates the firefighter’s position. EMTs and Paramedics working in the field or a certified EMS provider with a photo I.D.


The Glock has been the gun of choice for law enforcement officers on and off duty for a long time. To load a Glock, hold the magazine with your off-hand (not the one you’ll be shooting with). Use your fingers to push the back of the slide straight up and then pull it back until you can no longer do so. This will load a round from the magazine into the chamber, and your pistol is ready to fire. To qualify to purchase a Glock through the Blue Label program, you must have an authorized photo I.D.


True confidence with a pistol comes through trying it out before purchasing, training on it regularly, and competing in matches with it. Glock offers a variety of training events throughout the U.S., including Armorers Courses and Glock Shooting Foundation match competitions. Police and first responders can use discounted pricing on Glock Blue Label models. This includes current federal, state, county, and city law enforcement officers with L.E. department credentials (L.E. department picture I.D. front & back) and retired L.E. officers with valid retired credentials (L.E. department picture I.D. front & back). Nationally recognized security company armed guards and full-time security officers with photo credentials.

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