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The Best Ways That You Can Optimize Your Website’s Shopping Cart

October 1, 2021

Shopping online grew exponentially in 2020 as the global pandemic closed the high street and forced consumers to go digital with their purchases. As such, it is very important that your website comes with the most seamless shopping experience possible. In order to do this, you will need to ensure that not only is your website easy to use, but that navigating the shopping cart is straight forward and stress free.

In you are unable to optimize your shopping cart, you will find that a lot of customers may well fill it to the brim but then end up abandoning it as soon as the time to press the purchase button comes. This article will go into detail about the best ways that you can optimize your shopping cart so that customers see their purchases through.

Be Transparent With Your Prices

One of the main things that can lead customers to exiting their shopping cart before they have put through a purchase is the fact that there are hidden fees in the order summary that were not explicitly mentioned on the product page. You need to ensure that you are being wholly transparent with your clients about the amount they will pay as even if the increase is not a lot, it still leads to a degree of distrust, which makes securing the sale unlikely.

This is particularly important if you are providing a service and the price will vary depending on how much of that service is used. Take Tatango pricing as an example, it dedicates an entire page to explain to clients what they will pay and why they are paying that much. It is this kind of transparency that will create to trust on the part of consumers or clients.

Add A Live Chat Feature For Real-Time Conversations

The installation of a live chat feature on your site tends to lead to better conversion rates. This is because it provides an easy way for customers to obtain information about your products, without which they would be more likely not go through with a purchase. For example, if you are selling something complex such as a laptop to a customer, then adding a live chat feature will benefit you as people will be able to find out more about its features, advantages, expected delivery time and also what colors you have in stock. These features are easier to implement than ever, as the lineup of available chatbot options is expanding rapidly.

Make Your Checkout Mobile Friendly

You can optimize your website so that it is mobile friendly, but does that also translate to your shopping cart? If not, you will find that a lot of customers won’t stick around to see the order through. When a site isn’t mobile friendly, users will normally find that the text appears very small and is hard to read, not to mention product images will be barely visible and adding an item to the shopping cart will make it hard to see the total cost and other information.

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