Top Four Signs Your Bristol Home Has A Pest Problem
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The Top Four Signs Your Bristol Home Has A Pest Problem

October 12, 2023

Every home gets pests, and this is just a fact. It could be mice, rats, wasps, or even ants; it doesn’t matter, because nobody is exempt. The truth is, regardless of what kind of pest moves into your property, the dangers are just as real for anyone living through this experience. Watch out for the top four signs listed below andmake a plan of action before it’s just too late.


The majority of pests that enter your home will leave droppings, and if you see them, it’s vital that you clean up and call for help. Some droppings are harmful to health and will not only create an unpleasant odour in your home environment but make it dangerous to live around too.


The easiest way to know if you have pests on your property is by keeping an eye open and spotting them. A visual sighting is extremely useful, especially when it comes to hiring a professional service to take care of them. If you can, try to take some pictures so any company you call in has a frame of reference for the task ahead.


Certain pests, like rodents, for instance, will make a lot of noise if they are present in your home. Rats in particular tend to chew loudly through drywall and other obstacles in their way, and they will not be quiet about letting you know that they are there.

Visible Damage

You may lastly notice that there are visible signs of damage in your home. This could be holes in the wall, or noticeable scratches, chew marks, and scuff marks around key points of entry. Creatures like rats and mice can come in anywhere they want to, including your drains! It should be easy enough to spot if you are looking out for them.

The Dangers Of Ignoring Pests At Home

If you fail to take action, and instead ignore the pest problem, there is a real risk to your safety.In addition to this, your property is also in danger from expensive repair incidents and general degradation too. It is unwise to live in an unsanitary environment, and unfortunately, this is the only kind of zone that pests bring along for the ride. While they may be completely natural, it is important to remember that you and your family come first, and your home deserves to be safe.

What Can You Do?

For any problem in this area, you need a Bristol pest control service like Advance Pest Control Bristol services. A reliable pest controller Bristol expert will tell you exactly what the problem is and provide the means to rectify it. There is no invasion too big to handle for a professional company that deals with pest control in Bristol, and it is the only way to guarantee long lasting, safe results.

Pest problems are a very real thing, and they should never be taken lightly. Once a pest moves in, they are more than capable of taking over. This is the last thing you want for your safe space, and it is important to take action.

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