Hiring People With Disabilities

Tips To Encourage A More Diverse Workplace & Hiring People With Disabilities In Australia

April 10, 2024

As an employer here in Australia, you want the best people working for you every single time and believe it or not, but there are people out there with disabilities that have the skills that you need. The reason that are not applying for jobs within your enterprise is probably because you are not putting things in place to make it more inviting for them to come work for you. If you have a look around your business premises right now, you need to figure out if it is easily accessible to people with disabilities and if are you doing enough to encourage them to join.

You want to be able to attract the best people possible no matter their overall physical capabilities and so you need to turn to the professionals at disability employment services in Perth to learn about how you can attract these ideal candidates to come to work for you today. The following are just some tips to encourage you to create a more diverse workplace that includes people with disabilities here in Australia.

  • Make your business more accessible – This includes a number of things like creating ramps at the front and back of your building so that people who use electric wheelchairs for example or any other mobility device can easily make their way into your building and back out again at the end of the working day. If you have a two-storey building then it might be an idea to think about putting in some kind of a lift or even a stair lift for now that can allow these new staff members to easily navigate around the building. It may be the case that by installing a stair lift, you would be helping some of your senior members of staff who already work for you.
  • Create a better job specification – It’s likely that you currently have job specifications that only cater to able-bodied people and not to the many other talented individuals who are out there who have disabilities. When these people are applying for positions within your company, they will see immediately that you are not accommodating to them and so they will take their talents elsewhere. You also need to think about more flexible working arrangements where staff can work from home for a few days a week so that they don’t have to make the commute to the office every single day.
  • Start inviting applications – When you place an advertisement in the local newspaper or online, you need to make it apparent that you are looking to hire people with disabilities. If they feel that you are welcoming them to your place of work then they are more likely to make an application in the first place.

These are just three tips that you can use to encourage a more diverse and inclusive workforce and there are numerous more. It will take a little bit of time and money, but it will be worth it.

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