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When Selecting CCW Apparel, There Are Four Crucial Qualities To Consider.

June 8, 2023

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CCW carriers require unique clothing to conceal their firearm and maintain access when seconds count. Here are four qualities to consider while choosing a dress for concealed carry.


Choosing clothing that will provide you with a high comfort level is also essential. CCW clothing should be lightweight, breathable, and durable. It should also allow you to quickly access your weapon when defending yourself or someone else.

Another consideration is how well a concealed carry shirt will fit your body type. For example, women’s shirts often fit more tightly than men’s. A decent concealed carry shirt should be tight enough, as this will limit your mobility and make it difficult to draw your weapon.

Also, a concealed carry shirt should be lighter than it allows the outline of your pistol to show through. Finally, a concealed carry belt is essential. Most people only think about their belt once it starts to break down. A quality gun belt supports your weapon when carrying, drawing, and re-holstering.


Whether you are a police detective, security guard, or civilian who always prefers to be armed, you will want to carry your firearm discreetly until needed. Your holster and gun must be hidden from casual observation under your clothing.

For this, you will want to choose thick clothing to hide any bulge caused by your holster. You will also want to look for fabrics that are not too light, which can show the darker outline of your weapon.

Many shirts designed with concealed carry in mind have tactical designs and colors intended to blend in with most situations and environments. These shirts, like bomber jackets or hoodies, are typically long and loose, making them more concealable than moto-style coats.


You must be comfortable wearing your concealed carry clothing when carrying a firearm. A quality CCW shirt should fit in with the rest of your wardrobe, hide a gun without looking boxy or unflattering, and allow for quick access when seconds matter most.

For example, a concealed carry shirt with snaps will make it much easier to draw your weapon than a button-up dress shirt. You’ll also want to choose a belt designed for concealed carry. Standard belts tend to stretch out quickly when carrying a heavy weapon and can also cause your gun to shift during the draw.

A specialized CCW belt is designed to be rigid and sturdy to support your gun while carrying, drawing, and re-holstering. It should also fit into the belt loops on your pants and look like a standard belt.


A concealed carrier must easily access their weapon in an emergency. The best way to ensure this is by choosing CCW clothing that doesn’t prevent you from opening your holster. It includes shirts featuring snap buttons (some even disguise them as regular buttons) so you can quickly access your gun in a hurry.

Other CCW clothing that facilitates quick access to your gun includes jackets with sidearm pockets and vests with extra storage for extra magazines, tactical folding knives, and other essentials. Even a traditional hoodie can make your concealed carry experience more efficient by including a pass-through kangaroo pocket that allows you to draw quickly and comfortably.

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