Why Getting Older Is Brilliant Rather Than Bland

Why Getting Older Is Brilliant Rather Than Bland

March 2, 2023

You will have heard it said, both in the media and from friend and relatives, that getting older is accompanied by a host of health complaints and a generally cynical worldview.

However, as with so many aspects of life, a positive mental attitude can go a great way to improving both your physical levels of health and fitness, as well as the strength of your emotional wellbeing. With that being said, here is why getting older is brilliant, rather than bland.

Your Confidence Increases

Inevitably, whether you have lived a colorful and somewhat dramatic and even ostentatious life so far, or you generally keep yourself to yourself and are much more comfortable in your own company, as you get older, you become wiser.

With wisdom comes an inevitable surge of confidence, even if that confidence manifests itself as being able to do exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it.

Other ways to increase your confidence levels include the following:

  • Getting out and about in your local neighborhood
  • Practicing meditation and mindfulness on a regular basis
  • Avoiding vices such as alcohol and gambling
  • Getting enough sleep each and every night

You Know Who You Are

Regardless of whether you live as part of a bustling community in Belmont Senior Living Fort Lauderdale (or another reputable senior living facility) or in your own home that you have lived in for many, many years, another huge advantage of getting older is that you now know who you are.

As a teenager and younger adult, you would have undoubtedly spent an inordinate amount of time second guessing yourself and criticizing your own decisions; but now you have lived a little, you know who you are, what you love and like, and what you dislike (and absolutely hate).

You Have A Great Sense Of Perspective

Another great benefit of getting older is that you no longer “sweat the small stuff” and instead have a much greater sense of perspective, basically resulting in an awareness of what is important in your life—and conversely, what is not.

This sense of perspective can be seen everywhere from not getting frustrated with a friend or family member who cancels a plan last minute, to not freaking out over a spill on the carpet which will not entirely vanish.

You Will Get Sick Less Often

Not only will your advance in years result in a higher level of wisdom and maturity, but you will also start to notice that your immune system starts to become stronger and that you will start to get sick less often.

Once you have lived through countless strains of bacteria and viruses, from everything from the common cold to the 2020 Covid-19 outbreak, your immune system will have already successfully fought off such infections. These days, the repertoire of your immune system will be expansive and it is a scientific fact that immune systems can still recognize and easily defend against viruses they encountered over 40 years ago.

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