Why Teaching Is Still A Sustainable Career

Why Teaching Is Still A Sustainable Career

January 19, 2022

There are a few things that all of us need, whether as part of our basic needs as defined by Maslow or as a means to improve self-esteem and achieve self-actualization – or to develop ourselves and our family’s chances and economic earning potential. Education is one of these, providing a means to improve economic chances as well as develop society as a whole, and as such, teaching and the provision of education of all levels and types presents a distinguished career choice. It’s always going to be required; here are a few tips as to how you too can enter the profession and make the most of what could be a lifelong career choice.

Develop The Foundation

If teaching and the education field are what make you tick and drive you, then you need to be prepared to put in the hard yards. The first step in this regard is likely to be a good undergraduate degree. It can be in any subject, as long as it is related or has a component that is or can be taught to others. Once you have the subject knowledge you hope to impart to others, then the next step will be developing the specific teaching skills, done with post-graduate teaching degrees or diplomas. It is worth spending sufficient time to make these choices as you may then be teaching the subject for a large part of your teaching career. All teachers note that loving what you teach and having a genuine interest is the best way to guarantee a happy teaching career.

Determine Where Your Passion & What Your Key Skills Are

There are so many distinct aspects to teaching and in education that you don’t necessarily need to be front and center, and if a classroom role isn’t for you, then keep an open mind, and there will be other opportunities linked or related to education and teaching. This may entail volunteering as you go to work in as many teaching and teaching-related roles as there are available to you.

Undertake Ongoing Training & Development

Once in the sector, the best way to ensure that yours is a career that lasts is to keep developing and building yourself. Use sites like www.classpeople.co.uk to both develop yourself, build a community of practice and find your dream job. Keep on the lookout for short courses and be prepared to take advice from all those who are in the sector and prepared to assist you on your journey.

Teaching and education is an honorable career in that we all know that teaching someone new skills is not always the easiest thing to do and requires you to have a degree of passion for the subject and the teaching process. It has also become a well-paid career with a myriad of related development options. It is thus developing into one of the most sustainable careers that there is in that in an information age where data is becoming more important than gold, someone always needs to be taught something, and we all need to learn to fulfill our human potential.

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