Your Current Wardrobe Clothes Choices

Your Current Wardrobe Clothes Choices & How To Improve Upon Them In The US

April 25, 2024

Many of us here in America will openly admit to having a couple of wardrobes full of clothes and yet when we open up the doors, we claim to have nothing to wear. There are numerous outfits inside and yet none of them seem to fit current fashion trends and yet you still won’t throw them away. The Internet has changed how we shop for clothes nowadays and people are generally buying cheap and tacky clothes from places like China because they are so cheap. We have become a nation of people who wear an item only once and then hang it in our wardrobes never to be worn again.

If you were to sit down and calculate how much money that you have spent over the last few years filling up this piece of furniture, it will probably amount to a significant amount of money and yet you have no quality clothing in there that you can wear again and again. It’s time to start shopping better and to shop smarter when it comes to buying many pieces of clothing for work, for play and for your favourite festival outfits. If you are somewhat confused and you’re not sure how to go about shopping smarter then maybe the following pieces of advice can help.

Stay Away From The Sales

For many of us, it’s like a moth to a flame when we see the sale sign in the window of any store. The first thing that you need to learn about the retail industry is that they have a sale every day of the week and it is very unlikely that the items of clothing will have dropped in price significantly at all. This is designed to draw you in and it seems to be working with you so far and so it’s time to take a different direction.

Start Shopping Smarter

Instead of just buying every single outfit for one particular occasion, start thinking long-term and make your clothes choices based on an outfit that is not only perfect for going to a wedding but it’s perfect for attending a business meeting or a job interview. It would make sense also to start spending a little bit more money on quality items that can stand the test of time and they don’t need to be replaced every single year.

Be More Environmentally Responsible

If you are thinking to yourself that an item of clothing is so cheap and it’s very likely that you will wear it only once then walk away because you do not need another piece of clothing inside your full wardrobe. Start being more environmentally responsible because clothes in landfill sites accounts for a significant amount of your carbon footprint.

Nobody is saying that you don’t have to look your best every single day but you should start trying to do it in a more responsible manner. The clothes that you have can be adjusted if taken to a good tailor.

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