Tips For Choosing Bras

3 Tips For Choosing Bras

August 3, 2021

There are many different styles and brands of bras to choose from, and it’s a good idea to own several different styles for different uses. Here are three tips for choosing bras.

1. Decide On A Style

There is no one perfect bra style, but rather many different styles to support your bust in your daily life and when performing different activities. Think about the reason you’re buying a new bra. Are you replacing older basic bras? Are you looking for a bra to wear under a black-tie outfit? Do you need something to wear when exercising or doing manual labor? Think about comfort also. Consider the differences between underwire, push-up and soft-cup styles. Decide whether you prefer front or back clasp bras and what kind of strap placement you want.

2. Choose A Brand

You’ll have several different brands to choose from when you buy bras. You may find one brand that works well for you, such as Lulalu, or you may choose different brands based on pricing, availability or which styles that brand offers work best for your needs. You should check out the brand’s style and sizing selections first, then try on different styles you’re interested in to confirm the fit and how the bras feel. For example, if one brand has basic bras you really like, but you feel like their sports bras aren’t supportive enough, check out different brands’ selections of the latter style.

3. Measure Your Bust Regularly

When you first started wearing bras, your bust was probably still growing. You may think once you become an adult that you know what size bra you’ll need for the rest of your life, but this isn’t necessarily true. You should measure your bust regularly, typically once a year, to make sure you’re still wearing the best-fitting, most comfortable bras. Measure around your torso just under your bust and around the fullest part of your bust. The torso measurement is the size you need your band to be, and the bust measurement helps determine cup size. If your torso is 34 inches, you’ll need a size 34 band. If your bust size is 36 inches, you’ll subtract your band size, 34, to get two inches, which correlates to a B cup. Correct sizing will ensure your bras provide proper support and don’t cause you back, shoulder, neck or breast pain.

You should choose bras that are comfortable, that aren’t going to impair your health or freedom of movement and that will make you feel good.

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