Compelling Reasons To Go Solar
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5 Compelling Reasons To Go Solar

August 2, 2021

On average, the USA sees more than 2500 hours of clear day sunshine every year.

That is a free, sustainable energy source that is available to us all year round. It is a great long-term solution for reducing your energy bills and helping decrease our impact on the environment.

If you have been considering solar for a while and would like to go green, then read this article. We will take you through the five main benefits of getting into solar energy and how you can help start saving money and the planet.

1. Reduce Your Bills

Solar energy will dramatically cut your energy usage bills. You don’t even have to be 100% dependent on solar energy for you to see a major difference in your electricity bills.

In addition, you can sell back anything you don’t use to the grid, so instead of paying the electricity company, they pay you! Save energy and money.

2. Reduce Your Carbon Emissions

Solar is a clean, renewable energy. It does not pollute or increase your climate footprint. In fact, by choosing a sustainable source of energy, you are reducing your impact and helping to save the planet.

Going green is more important than ever, as we can now see the impact climate change is having on our world. Natural disasters are increasing in intensity and frequency. By removing yourself or even minimizing your carbon footprint, you are helping make the world a better place for our children.

3. Avoid Increasing Bill Costs

Electricity bills are set to rise year on year as non-renewable energy sources diminish. By freeing yourself from this cycle and using an endless, renewable energy supply, you can avoid these constantly increasing costs.

Sustainable resources for providing energy are the future. Most solar panels have a 25-year life span, and the technology is improving all the time. If you invest now, you will save money in the long run.

4. Get Tax Credits

In 2021/2022, homeowners who install solar panels on their property could find that they are eligible for tax credits as part of a federal solar investment plan into greener technologies.

This plan may not continue unless the government takes steps to renew it. So, it is best to invest sooner rather than later to save yourself money on your solar investment. The tax credit currently stands at 22%, which is a great saving for any homeowner.

Speak with a local solar dealer like Blue Raven Solar for more advice on what current savings are available.

5. Increase Your Property Value

More green-minded home buyers are looking for properties that have already installed a solar or another renewable energy source. People are thinking about the future when they buy properties, and having solar panels already installed is a big selling point in the current market.

By investing in solar panels now, you may see an upswing in your property market value compared to others who have not yet seen the benefits of investing in a renewable energy source.

Go Green With Solar

It is time to embrace the free, renewable energy of the sun and go green. Install solar panels on your property and see what a difference it makes to your energy bills and, ultimately, to the planet.

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