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4 Ways To Refresh Your Creativity When You’re In A Rut

February 16, 2021

Most creative people would love to have a constant stream of inspiration flowing through their veins and onto the blank page or canvas, but the reality is that the power of creativity is often prone to fits and starts. When you find yourself in a bit of a rut, lacking ideas, fresh inspiration, and the motivation to continue, it can often drag your self-esteem down. However, it doesn’t have to feel that way forever – read on for some useful ideas to help you rejuvenate your creative mind.

Spend Time Learning A New Skill

It might seem counter-intuitive to take time away from working on your creative goals, but stepping away to learn something completely different can be a great way of giving yourself a much-needed reset. Whether it’s a practical skill like mastering a new recipe in the kitchen, or trying your hand at a different creative medium, going back to being a beginner again can help you see things from a new perspective. Allow yourself to make mistakes and relax, and you may be able to bring these values into your own creative work.

Change Your Setting

Having a consistent place to work can be a great way of establishing a routine for yourself, but if you’ve been in one place for too long, your productivity might be on the wane. Try mixing it up with a new environment – something small, like heading outside on a brighter day, or even something a little more dramatic, such as booking yourself into some incredible Fiji resorts for some time away. You’re sure to feel more alert, excited, and ready to create by giving yourself a new look at life, and you may even discover some unexpected inspiration on the way too.

Get Up & Move

Instead of watching that cursor blinking away helplessly for hours, step away from your computer and get some movement in. Not only is it of enormous physical benefit, helping to boost your alertness, health, and physical wellbeing, but it can also prompt a sluggish mind to generate new ideas. Try going out for a short walk in nature, or dedicate some time to stretching at home to get new thoughts flowing again before you come back to your desk.

Set A Target

Having something to work towards or a reward after you get there can be a simple but effective way of encouraging yourself to keep going. Make sure that it is realistic and practical – after all, you want to plan for success, not make things more difficult for yourself. You may have a practical target such as a word count to meet by a certain time, or you may simply want to tick off some items on your to-do list. Whatever they may be, by proving to yourself that you are able to achieve the goals you set, you can conquer any self-doubt that may have crept in and feel more inspired to create again.

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