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5 Essential Features Of A Smart Shower To Upgrade Your Daily Routine

September 13, 2023

Unlike traditional showers that rely on knobs, levers, and a large unit, smart showers are controlled by an app or touchscreen. They combine sophisticated technology with hydraulic precision to transform your daily bathroom ritual into a personalized oasis.

smart shower that connects to your home WiFi enables you to interact with them online or via a smartphone app. They also have features that track indicative water costs, help you sleep better, and stream music.

Temperature Control

With traditional showers, finding that ‘just-right’ temperature involves fiddling with knobs and hoping for the best. Smart showers eliminate this guessing game, letting you control your experience with simple voice commands through devices like Alexa or Google Assistant or from an app on your smartphone.

Smart showers can also help you keep track of your water usage, aiding in an environmentally conscious lifestyle. They’re even safe for children and seniors, with features like child safety modes that limit how hot the water can get to prevent scalding accidents.

Depending on the brand, most smart showers will have an electric thermostatic valve, controller box, and wireless transmitter that communicates through your home WiFi network. A smart shower is not a DIY project because of the complexity and required professional installation.

Water Pressure

Smart showers offer more than just voice activation and remote control. They can also preheat the water to your preferred temperature, making them ideal for use in a sauna room. Additionally, they can notify you via a text or app notification when it’s time to step into the shower.

Some smart showers have safety features to prevent children and seniors from accidentally scalding themselves with hot water. They can limit how high the water temperature can be and may feature LED lights that change color to warn you if the water is too hot.

Some smart showers can connect to your home’s WiFi so that you can turn it on from anywhere.


When using a smart shower, it’s easy to control the temperature, set and change the flow rate, and rotate between multiple spray options. Depending on the specific model, you may also be able to track water usage, reduce consumption, and safely control the bath temperature for children or senior family members.

Moen, one of the most trusted brands in kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures, has developed a full smart shower system that allows you to start your day off right with hands-free controls that can be controlled from an app or voice (via Siri Alexa or Google Assistant). With this feature, you can pre-select the perfect water temperature before getting out of bed. You’ll receive a voice or app alert when your shower is ready.


This smart shower is designed with water-saving in mind. It uses a motion detector to detect occupants and starts a timer. After a predetermined time, a sound byte is played to encourage the occupant to exit. The sound byte could be music, a question, a tone, a celebrity parody, or a brainteaser. Then, at a second predetermined time, another related sound byte is played to alert the occupant that it’s time to get out of the shower.


A smart shower with integrated lighting creates a complete bathroom masterpiece, adding ambiance and making the space more luxurious. Combine indirect lighting from the washbasin, wall lights, and a light strip behind your mirror with personalized controls on your smartphone to create a unique experience every day.

A full-fledged smart shower goes further than digital showers. It allows you to control everything from the temperature and water flow settings to a pre-programmed showering routine with your smartphone app, voice activation, or buttons on the controller. Most models also collect usage data that helps you to be more conscious of your energy consumption.

Smart showers involve complex electronics and often require specialist installation, so you may need to hire an electrician and a plumber. Moreover, few contractors have experience installing them since they’re relatively new, so you might be charged more than for a regular bathroom fixture.

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