Reasons To Dust A Home Regularly
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Reasons To Dust A Home Regularly

June 14, 2022

People spend hours weekly keeping their living spaces clean. Mopping, vacuuming, dishes, and general disinfecting can be time-consuming. One chore that sometimes is pushed back, done in a rush, or forgotten is dusting. Many probably do not know, but there are many benefits to dusting a home. Unfortunately, keeping the dust on surfaces can also create a few adverse effects on a person’s health and their environment.

Facts About Dust

Dust is a fine, dry powder consisting of minuscule particles of earth or waste matter found on the ground, surfaces, or in the air. The dust found in homes is made up of around twenty to fifty percent of dead skin cells. The rest may consist of plant pollen, hair or fur, fibers from textiles or paper, and outdoor soil.

It is said that, on average, people make about a third of an ounce of dead skin cells every week, which adds up to around forty pounds every year. It has also been shown that those who say they have an allergy to dust may be allergic to dust mites. This happens because the dust mites eat the dead skin cells, so when they die, their bodies and fecal matter are what causes the allergic reaction in people.

Why Everyone Should Be Dusting

After looking at some facts about dust, it is starting to be clear why dusting is beneficial and necessary. But what are some of the benefits of dusting a home?

First and foremost, dusting removes allergens. Prolonged exposure to dust can turn into an allergic reaction in people. There is no cure for allergies, but there is a more straightforward solution to lessen the symptoms. If dusting is not done, it can begin to hide in bedding, carpets, and furniture, so a cleaning schedule may be a good idea. Hiring home cleaning services is also a fantastic option for busy individuals if time is an issue.

There is also a home’s HVAC system to consider. If dusting is not done, it can start collecting in the ductwork and then pushing through the HVAC system, making it work harder. Eventually, if the buildup is bad enough, the air pushed through will be contaminated with dust particles and hurt the home’s air quality. It also means that the HVAC system will wear down faster.

Routinely dusting a home will also keep certain rodents and bugs out since they love messy homes. Naturally, therefore, they are drawn to dust. These pests can negatively impact a person’s overall health, so keeping them out is essential.

There is also a high chance of reduced stress levels since dust and general clutter can impact a person’s mental health. For example, leaving home in disarray can lead to feelings of helplessness, anxiety, or being overwhelmed. Dusting can help remove clutter and, in return, lessen stress levels.

Besides all of that, dusting, in general, keeps germs and bacteria from spreading. This ensures a family will thrive in a clean environment and, as a result, a happier home.

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