Perfect Housewarming Gifts

5 Perfect Housewarming Gifts

October 19, 2023

Purchasing a house is one of the most exciting life events that a person will experience. Whether it is meant to be a forever home or an investment property that the homeowner plans to move out of in the years to come, it’s a big day and well worth celebrating. It’s also an occasion that typically involves entertaining, as new homeowners are usually quite excited to show off the new property.

If you’re going to be attending a housewarming, you want to be sure you take a little something with you. Here are five perfect housewarming gift ideas.

Celebrate The Moment With Wine Or Champagne

What better way to celebrate the purchase of a home than with a toast? Gifting the homeowners with a lovely bottle of wine, sparkling wine or champagne can be a perfect idea. You can also include a set of wine glasses or flutes, making the gift extra special. After they finish the wine, they will have the glasses to hang on to and use for many years to come.

Photo Frames Help The Homeowner Personalise The Space

A new home is often seen as a blank space, as the new homeowner looks for ways to impart personalised touches and features throughout. Gifting them with a photo frame, or multiple frames, means they can hang family photos or other pictures that hold special meaning to them.Just be sure to look for frames that are a classic style and neutral in colour. This will ensure it works with whatever décor they choose.

Appeal To The Sense Of Smell

Another idea that doesn’t require you to know the style or decor of the home is a wax melt burner gift set. A wax melt gift box can be useful in just about any room of the home. This wax melt gift set from West Byre Apothecary is a lovely classic style available in two neutral colours. A wax melt box is an item that can be used year-round, as the recipient can simply pick out the wax that suits that season, holiday or event.

A Plush Throw Blanket Will Warm Up a Space

One thing that comes in handy during the cold, damp months is a plush throw blanket. These can be strewn across a sofa or loveseat, or even used in the bedroom. Be sure to look for one that feels thick and luxurious so that it’s extra cosy. It’s also wise to avoid any bright pops of colour that may not work with the colour palette in the home.Throw blankets don’t just provide warmth; they also add a sense of texture and interest to a room.

High-End Bath Towels Will Be Much Appreciated

Finally, how about a set of high-end bath towels? People can never have too many bath towels, and there’s just something nice about wrapping yourself in a thick, luxurious new towel. Depending on the budget, you can even purchase a couple of matching sets.

Each of these gift ideas is sure to be a crowd-pleaser and will help to celebrate this momentous life event.

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