Build Career Momentum After COVID

5 Ways To Build Career Momentum After COVID

April 2, 2021

For many out there, there is a need to re-look at your career trajectory and rework career plans to deal with the upheaval and dramatic changes caused by the current pandemic. There are some definite and proven ways to kickstart a career that’s in the doldrums or breathe life and momentum into a stalled career.

1. Know Your Sector

You will not be able to build a credible career in any sector without a good knowledge of this sector. The first step is thus to understand your chosen sector, know where the demand is in relation to the job that you currently do or the jobs you would like to be doing. The internet provides a wealth of information and you access as much information as you need, including company specifics and trends that will allow you to make informed decision as to where your career can go.

2. Build On Existing Skills

A great way to do this is by using the existing technology and access professional short courses online. Use them to build upon each other and over time create a qualification. Business is a good sector example as it has long been an area where people have been able to build a career one course at a time while they work. Kelley Business School Executive Education is a professional example of an online offering where you can build on the courses or take them all at once. Such flexibility will be key to getting the qualification you want at the cost you can afford.

3. Use Your Knowledge To Build A Career Plan & Vision

Once you have the knowledge above in relation to the sector and available career options you need to develop a clear plan of action. Create a career vision that you can break into short-term goals and decide whether you will need to re-skill or upskill. Having a clear picture of where you want to end up, will make it a lot easier to get there.

4. Execute The Plan

Having a plan with set timeframes and clear goals will allow you to easily implement your career re-boot. Be dedicated and commit to the process. Finalize and update your resume, decide on what job boards to focus on and hone your interview skills. Ensure that every step you take is measured and precise and you will soon be in the position you have chosen, building a career from a job.

5. Follow Up & Commit To The Process

This will not be a seamless, linear process and there will be ups and downs. There will be long hours of research and study, formulating a plan, and then the rejection letters. You will have to follow up on all your efforts and keep track of who you have been in contact with and why. Being organized at this stage can shorten the process, and bring about the positive career change that you want to see.

These are five simple steps that anyone out there can take to improve or provide momentum to their career as the economy opens up and greater opportunities emerge after the current pandemic.

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