Completing An Online M.Ed.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Completing An Online M.Ed. Or Graduate?

April 2, 2021

There are many benefits to attending an online college, but there can still be some uncertainty about whether or not they outweigh the perceived ‘cons’ of attending one.¬†This will still be the case if you are a teacher wanting to increase your skill base or boost your chances of a salary increase or advancing to a leadership role.

Pro #1: Your Location Relative To The University Or College Doesn’t Matter

As you can complete the course online, it means you can be anywhere in the country and still enroll in an M.Ed or graduate program like the one offered at This can be beneficial if you’re planning on traveling or you and your family are considering relocating to another state while you are attending the program.

Pro #2: There Are No Hidden Fees. You’re Just Paying For The Program

An online course is usually a far cheaper alternative to going to a campus-based university. The courses will still cost approximately the same, but you won’t need to pay to relocate and have the other expenses of moving away from your home. This ‘pro’ will be a big one for anybody on a teacher’s salary.

Pro #3: It’s Entirely Flexible To You & Your Lifestyle

If you have a full-time teaching job and you can’t afford the pay cut that a part-time university job will give you, an online course is probably a better option. Completing your course online means you can still learn in the evenings or during your daily commute if it’s safe to do so.

This can be a great thing to incorporate into your evenings or weekends when you have time away from the classroom.

Even with all of these benefits, you are still going to be curious about the downside, especially for a busy teacher. Here are some of the reasons why you might not want to take an online university or college course, or it might not be the right move for you.

Con #1: You Miss Out On The Physical Student Experience

If you enjoyed your previous years at university and want to go back and do it all again, it might be better for you to do that. You might need a break from the busy life of teaching and return to the more lively side of the educational experience, surrounded by friends and well-structured studying hours that don’t eat into your evenings.

Con #2: The Learning Style Might Not Suit You If You Are More Practical

If you are a more practical learner, it might make it easier for you to go to a campus-based university or college because you may learn more effectively. When it comes to getting the maximum benefit from this program, you want to be sure you know as much as possible, so ensure you are learning in the best style for you.

Final Thoughts

If you are a teacher with a full-time teaching role, then the pros would seem to outweigh the cons. So progressing your career through further certification would probably be the most beneficial if you completed it via an online program.

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