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6 Living Room Must-Haves For The Perfect Space

November 23, 2020

While everyone’s taste and design choices will be different when it comes to the main living space, there are a few key items that every living room should have. We will take a look at six must-haves that you should consider bringing to your home.

1. A Focal Point

Every room should try and have some form of focal point, but this is especially important in a living room if it is the heart of the home. A focal point should help to bring balance to the space as a whole and serve as a spot of interest for the eye.

Focal points can be whatever you choose and whatever works for your space. Most commonly, they are feature walls, or perhaps the wall which has the television against it as a centered point.

Focal points can also be very helpful in deciding how the rest of the room should be arranged.

2. A Balanced Seating Area

Not only does your living room require proper seating for comfort, but your seating area also needs to be placed in the best way for the room. Be sure to think about what you need your furniture to be aimed at, whether this is the feature wall, television, window, or a lighting source if you like to sit and read.

If you have more than one couch or chair, be sure they are all placed harmoniously with each other for a better effect.

3. A Coffee Table

A centered coffee table can help to bring the seating area together and provide a much-needed touch. As well as a key design feature, coffee tables are must-haves for storage and for use in a practical way.

A coffee table can often look best placed atop a feature rug, too, for added design and color.

4. The Ideal Fireplace

A fireplace can really provide a finishing touch to a living room. With so many styles and designs, too, there’s no reason why a fireplace can’t match your style or taste. Whether it’s traditional antique or more modern wall-mounted versions, a fireplace can help to bring your space together and add an additional feature of warmth.

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5. The Proper Storage

You don’t want your living room to feel overcluttered or be bursting with items without a proper place. The right storage can help to keep everything in order, as well as everything out of sight when it needs to be.

The best kind of storage can often be multi-purpose furniture, such as a coffee table with storage built-in, or footstools with storage so that you’re also saving on space and getting the best out of all items.

6. The Right Couch

This should be the perfect pairing of need and design. A certain design can look great, but if it doesn’t provide the right amount of seats, then it can leave your living room falling short. Think about how many seats you comfortably need — whether 2-seater, 3-seater, or perhaps a large corner couch — to make sure everyone has a place.

If your living room has most or all of these features, then you’re looking at the ideal space to relax and enjoy!

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