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6 Minimalistic Renovations To Upgrade Your Home

December 20, 2021

Minimalism is in, and it may be time for some home renovations to keep up with the trends. Any improvements made in your home should be planned in advance as all details should be concrete by the time that renovations have started.

It is always best to hire a contractor who can take on the work from conceptualization and design, to construction of their home. Hiring a contractor is the hassle-free way to upgrade your landed property in Singapore with a minimalistic theme, and your home will come out with a calming and comforting vibe!

Here are 6 minimalistic renovation works that you can utilize for your home to keep your space trendy, and to adapt into the minimalist lifestyle. While some of these works can be done DIY, we recommend hiring a professional contractor to ensure the renovation works are built correctly.

1. Monotone Walls

Your walls can look like a mess of a smorgasbord when painted with an explosion of colors. Keep your walls minimalistic by choosing monotone walls that will lengthen your space and give the illusion of one entire fluid home all throughout your landed property home.

Popular colors include shades of white, beige, and gray, but best to choose a color that would complement your floors and furniture, as well as one that matches your personality. Monotone doesn’t mean one shade, as you can stick to a minimalistic aesthetic with varying shades of the same color. Add a few accenting pieces here and there, and enjoy your cozy home life!

2. Indoor Garden Bed

An indoor garden bed puts nature in your home, and increases the air quality within your landed property. Indoor garden beds, similar to potted plants, are typically constructed in large contained spaces where potting or succulent mix is added for the plants to root themselves into.

Shallow rooted plants are most preferred in an indoor garden bed, as they have minimal chance of growing through cracks in the floor. Humidifiers are added for tropical plants, while some homeowners may opt for automatic watering systems and light fixtures to provide the plants with a suitable environment to grow in.

3. Sunken Living Room

A sunken living room presents an illusion of space by expanding the entire living room space lower than the surrounding home. You’ll get a high ceiling, and a clear, defined border between your living room and the rest of your home.

A sunken living room is a simple, yet extensive A&A project that works well in landed properties that have a lot of space to keep the living room separate. When accented properly, a sunken living room can have the same level of sophistication as a high-end property, while keeping the home minimalistic.

4. Elevated Bed Platform

Similar to a sunken living room, elevating your bed area gives off the vibe of royalty, and highlights your comfortable space. The platform provides the feel of a cozy space without being overly cluttered. Work with a designer to best conceptualize your elevated bed platform.

An elevated bed platform can also function as a hidden compartment for bedding and blankets stored for winter months, or as a pull-out bed for children’s sleepovers. There are some elevated bed designs that feature a walk-in closet underneath the bed, and stairs that have hidden drawers for items.

5. Accessible Fire Escape

More of a necessity than a luxury, having an accessible fire escape is a must for any home. In case of emergencies, you’ll want to have a readily-accessible fire escape that can help you get out easily and safely.

Work with a contractor to best create a fire escape appropriate for your home, and go through all the security risks of having such an addition to your home as well. Keep the fire escape locked, but with the key nearby for quick access in case of emergencies. A fire escape will be one of the best ways to renovate your space.

6. Hallway Arch

An elegant project if you have a hallway that’s looking a bit drab, a hallway painted arch is a subtle, minimalist take on the column structures of ancient European buildings. Made with crown molding that ranges from classic to modern, adding a hallway arch to your entryways makes you feel like you’re passing through another era.

Hallway arches may seem like a simple, DIY project, but a contractor would know how to properly place a hallway arch to provide support to the surrounding walls, and be durable enough to last for decades.

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