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4 Ways To Personalize A Family Home

June 24, 2021

Moving into a new home is an exciting moment. A new property is a fresh start and a blank canvas, although you will not want to leave the canvas blank for too long. Homes can feel a little sterile when you first move in. Adding some personal touches will make a house feel much more like a home, ensuring that you and your family settle in quickly.

1. Add Photographs

Photographs are memories and adding them is the simplest step to turning a house into a fully-fledged family home. Hanging pictures on walls makes a big difference, but you can also put up shelves to display family portraits, photographs of holidays, happy memories – anything you like. Better still, you can do more with your photos than just print and hang. Companies like Crystal Impressions will transform your images into beautiful 3D ornaments made of crystal. You can also have images printed onto lamps, fridge magnets and even things like cushions.

2. Repaint The Walls

Painting is the easiest DIY job of all. It requires minimal skill and you will spend more time waiting for the paint to dry than actually applying it. A repaint is one of the first tasks that most people will undertake when they move into a new property, and it makes a massive difference. Changing the walls means putting your personal stamp on the house. It is a form of self-expression and makes the house feel like it truly belongs to you, rather than the people who lived there before. Do not forget that you can repaint fittings too. Even a small lick of paint can transform the look, feel and mood of a property.

3. Decorate Using Familiar Objects

Continuity is an often-overlooked aspect of moving into a new home, but it is important. Many people (rightly) use a big move as an excuse to throw out items that they no longer use, but it is worthwhile retaining at least some of your old decorations. Displaying familiar objects from your old home in your new property ensures that it does not feel quite so strange. This can range from small ornaments on bookshelves to larger, focal point item – anything that gives you a sense of the familiar. A new home is a fresh start but keeping some aspect of the past alive will help you feel comfortable much sooner.

4. Consider House Plants

The amount of care a houseplant needs varies wildly between plants, but they all have a range of physical and psychological benefits. Plants lower levels of stress and can even have a positive impact on blood pressure. They are also a great way to personalize a new home. Plants bring spaces to life, and the sheer range of house plants available gives you a chance to express your personality. Giving kids some responsibility in looking after the plants is a great way to teach them about routine and maintenance. It might even pave the way for them one day taking care of a pet.

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