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How To Get A Great Sectional Sofa On A Budget

June 7, 2020

Summer is coming up and it’s time to enjoy your outdoors without any worries, or even prepare a nice outside cinema for a Netflix marathon with the family. One thing standing between you and that ideal evening is the perfect sofa. That’s where sectional sofas come at handy. They are simply unparalleled when it comes to versatility, as many of them allow you to combine different modules to fit your living space and lifestyle, as needed. A well-designed sectional sofa might be one of the secrets to domestic bliss and a luxurious living room or garden.

Trust me, when I say that the perfect model will give everyone enough room for relaxing and enjoying the best time, comfortably! In turn, this generally means that the bigger the sofa, the more expensive it is. If you’re looking for something that’s meant to last, it’s smarter to spend the extra money for a sofa that has a solid foundation, high-quality fabric, and cushions that won’t lose their shape.

In this article, not only will I give you some amazing product examples – some of which are taken out of the fantastic list by Sectionalist – without having to break the bank, but I’ll also show you the most important aspects when considering a sectional sofa.

Building A Sectional Sofa Without Getting A Headache

If you want to build your dream couch, it needs to be modular. Here are some aspects to take into consideration:


Some of the most popular configurations for this type of sofa are the “L-shaped” and the “U-shaped” ones.

L-shaped sectionals are extremely flexible and can be used as a dividing feature between the rest of the room and the seating area. This works perfectly for creating a cozy and private environment for social events and family time while making the room more spacious and giving it enough space to go nuts with interior design trends.

On the other hand, U-Shaped sectionals are wonderful for large families and frequent house parties, as the design naturally and comfortably carves out an area for socializing, movie-watching, games, and many other fun activities.

Parts, Parts, Parts!

It’s time to choose the parts to build your affordable dream sectional. The fun part is that you can customize it to your exact taste. First rule: the fewer parts used in the configuration, the cheaper. So don’t be afraid to take advantage of that famous line “less is more”. Usually, a three-piece sectional would cost a fair amount of money but if you change the corner unit for a simple armchair, you can definitely save some bucks.

Another important piece is the Chaises – a dream come true for all us nappers. Many sectionals already come with a chaise in the standard configuration but again, you can always shop one without them and look for one or two cheaper chaises independent of the sofa configuration. Another option might be Ottomans. have I mentioned they usually come with storage to blankets or shoes? Not only are they extremely functional but you can purchase two or three of them by a very cheap price.

Also, do you need extra beds in your house but don’t really have the space for it? Just pop open a sofa bed and now you’ve got an extra mattress for those tipsy guests or far-away family. The better models usually come with the benefit of being discreet, tucked away into the sofa, without a trace.

If choosing different options and building a sectional sofa is not for you, don’t worry, I’ve rounded up some of the best and most affordable sectional sofas, on the market. Even though you can only buy what you can afford, remember that the price of a piece of furniture often reflects how it’s made and what it’s made of. In spite of that, sofas are made to last at least half or more of a lifetime.

Top 6 Popular Sectional Sofas To Fit Your Budget

1. Honbay Sectional Sofa

Great option! Its cushions are a bit rougher than usual but still decently comfortable. They are slipcovered in rather soft fabric and have zippers to remove them for washing, which is a convenient surprise. Suited to small living rooms, it can still comfortably sit two, though those taller people may find the lounge too short for them to fully sprawl out on. The footstool is movable and the cushions can be removed and shifted about, so you can position the lounge cushion on whichever seat you want.

2. Hephzibah Reversible Sectional Futon

If space is the problem, then this sectional doubles is perfection, due to its multi-position back and interchangeable chaise, while even having space for guests to sleep on. It comes with a storage compartment built-in to stash your favorite board games or extra blankets. Available in four colors, this sectional has sophisticated clean lines, tufted back, matching with a variety of styles. Lastly, considering the quality, the price is more than fair!

3. Mid-Century Upholstered Sectional Sofa

It comes with a neutral color that will play nicely if you have more eclectic pieces of furniture. Thanks to its sturdy plywood frame, metal legs and its comfortable, spring-filed cushions, you’re getting great support and durability for a fantastic price. If you want to give it a splash of creativity, feel free to add a little color and texture, with a variety of playful throw pillows.

4. Landskrona

This product is a combination between a modern-looking and sleek style and a practical three-sitting sofa. It’s well-made, constructed with high resilience foam and polyester fiber wadding for long-lasting comfort. Due to its removable armrests, it will allow you to add a chaise lounge and stretch your legs without messing your coffee table.

5. Ennis Sectional Sofa

Stay in style with this pearl-gray Ennis sofa – with its simple shape and neutral color, it will go along amazingly well with a variety of different designs you might have in your living room. The button-tufted cushions and walnut finished legs add personality to its overall style and the fact that it has no-sag springs and is made of hardwood gives it extra durability.

6. Sven Leather Sectional

The Sven Leather arrives when the thought “let’s spice things up a little” comes up in your mind. With a mid-century style and packing some incredible comfort, this Sven sectional is one of the most luxurious and popular pieces of furniture, if you want to make a statement! I know what you’re thinking – it’s an investment, but it’s a timeless piece that ages well, making you save some bucks not now, but in the long run.

The seat cushion is made with just the right firmness and prevents remotes, snacks, and yourself, if you’re taking a nap, from being swallowed up. The leather won’t trap dust mites or pet fur, making it a great choice for those with allergies, as well as being buttery soft and comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you measure the floor space you have to work with before making a final decision! Also, keep in mind that the larger sectionals are a nightmare to move, so start making some favors to your best pals so you can cash them later. In the end, it all comes to your personal taste and budget, as its appearance and feel are crucial in the choice of any sofa. Try talking with your home and buy what works best for it, but pay attention to the structure too! In my opinion, not only will these options go along just fine with every type of living room you have, but they will also put a smile on your face, rest on your legs and elegance in your living room, for years to come!

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