Science Of Baking Cakes

The Science Of Baking Cakes: Tips & Tricks!

June 8, 2020

Cake- a word enough to make anyone happy. Well, if you agree to this, then you would also agree with the fact that cake baking is an art as well as science. It is an art in the sense of decorating designer cakes and science in the context of baking one. Where decorating a cake is quite easy, and the internet is flooded with tips and tricks to make cake decorating easy, cake baking is still a task. So, to help you learn the science of cake-baking, we have brought you some baking tips and tricks that you should keep in mind while baking a cake.

Everything At Room Temperature

Yes, from butter to milk, everything you use in baking your cake should be at room temperature. That way, the mixing and binding of dry ingredients and the wet ones become easy. Also, creaming of melted butter with icing sugar makes it aerated and fluffy.

Mix Thoroughly

The butter on room temperature needs to be mixed with the sugar, thoroughly. The sign of these two mixed well would be that the butter would get lighter in colour and the mix would be creamy and airy.

Substitute Fats Carefully

Butter is used in melted and solid form in different cake recipes. So, while picking up the butter in a liquid form or solid form, please cross check if your recipe needs liquid butter or a solid one. Also, substituting butter with oil will make a difference, so do that wisely.

Scrap The Bowl

While mixing the ingredients in a bowl, we see layers of cake batter sticking on the sides of it. It is advised to scratch it down and mix well in the batter with a spatula. This helps the batter or cake mix, be uniform and have no lumps.

Separate Eggs When Cold

If you have picked a recipe that requires egg white or yellow parts only, then do it before bringing the eggs at room temperature. As eggs when cold can be separated quite easily without much mess. And after separating them, use the eggs only after they are at room temperature.

Grease The Pan

Greasing your baking pan pretty well is always advised for a non-sticky cake. There are a few ways to do so:

  • Spread butter in the pan and sprinkle all-purpose flour or whichever flour you are using— dust off the extra flour by tapping the pan upside down.
  • Another way is, use parchment paper or butter paper or take a white sheet and spray butter oil on it. Keep the paper/ sheet on your slab, now put your pan upside down and mark the shape with a marker on the sheet and cut it. Spread this sheet on the bottom of your pan and also on the sides. You can also use an oil spray and some flour-dust.

Divide The Batter Into Equal Parts

If you are planning to bake a layered cake, then it is recommended to divide the batter into equal parts. Use a measuring machine or measuring cups for the same and divide the batter.

Smoothen The Top Layer Of Batter

After you have poured the batter into the pan, make sure to tap the pan on the slab and remove air bubbles. Followed by using an offset spatula and smoothen the top layer of the better for an even cake top.

Decrease The Prescribed Time

Whatever recipe you are following, we suggest you set the oven/ microwave timer- 5-minutes less to that. As sometimes our preparation time is more than the recipe we follow and that results in a preheated oven for more time, then required. Also, you can increase the time if you think that the cake is not ready yet but definitely can’t do anything with the burnt cake.

Remove Cake From Pan

Now, that your cake is ready before-time or on-time then you surely do not want to mess with it, right? So, as soon as the cake is out of the oven, leave it on at room temperature for a minute or two and then take it out on a wrack for better cooling. Keeping the cake in the hot pan will continue the baking process, and that can make it over-baked, which can be a fail.

After you have followed all these tips while baking, we bet that your cake would be no less than a professionally made cake. And if all the tips mentioned above sounds great for you but you still fear cake-baking, then my friend online cake delivery in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and other parts of India is always at your service. Choose one such service and get cakes delivered at your doorstep, even at midnight!

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