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Top 5 Surveillance Software For Complete Security & Administration

June 7, 2020

Video cameras and other surveillance tools, along with the right softwares, prevent businesses from various security break-ins and failures. However, finding the right security system is a complicated job, and choosing a high-quality video camera isn’t enough. The software you select should also support the functions and the application and its software, and both should complement each other. Let us take a look at the top 5 Surveillance softwares of 2020.

iSpy Video Surveillance Software

It offers intelligent features like object tracking, Home assistance, face detection, live streaming, Google vision integration, Raw recordings, etc. It provides support to an unlimited number of IP cameras. The software is free for local use however is available on a reasonable amount of $7.95 per month for other additional features like email and twitter notifications, mobile device access, and other facilities. Users can also enjoy advanced options like IFTTT, HD streaming, and cloud uploads with a subscription.

An intriguing feature that it provides is the text to speech component, which means individuals can talk via the monitor or as well as the website and listen to the microphones connected. It is a trusted VMS with around 2 million users over the world.


ZoneMinder can be used for home security as well as Industry and Commercial security. The interface is quite easier to set up and use than any other surveillance softwares. Often people pose this software not to be an individual software but a composition suite of applications where all of them work together to provide business surveillance.

It offers a good number of solutions to manage, monitor, record, and analyze the video recordings from the security cameras. It works well with most IP cameras that include even the ones which work on exceptional functionality that is PTZ, 4k resolutions as well as night vision.

Watchguard Network Security

Network security software is prominent to track and neutralize if any unauthorized access or viruses are trying to attack your network through Trojan horses, phishing, etc. Watchguard uses patented WIPS technology to protect businesses from malicious attacks. It uses multi-factor authentication to make sure that the data is accessed only by the right person and prevents access to unauthorized users, thereby protecting sensitive cloud applications, networks as well as VPNs.

Watchguard networks also issue a security report quarterly based on data from WatchGuard appliances that are installed at the customer sites. These data reports make customers aware of the frequency and various types of malicious attacks that occur on their computer networks.

Ivideon Server

Ivideon is one of the best free IP camera recording systems available. It makes its users aware of any sound or unusual occurrences in a timely and efficient manner. The uniqueness of the software can be seen clearly as it detects even gentle motions like the flickering of lights. Usually, other softwares is incapable of detecting any such things.

Video software is a perfect solution whether you’re purchasing a few numbers of cameras for a small store or thousands for a big retail chain. The base software of Ivideon services is free of cost; however, users should pay to use the cloud service facility. It is quite popular and used by about 4 million people around 130 countries.

It lets you easily connect any number of locations with video surveillance, connecting all of these to a system that provides access from anywhere in the world.

Blue Iris Security

Blue Iris is an IP security software which offers the users with a full DVR security control with the help of their computer. Users can set up about 64 security cameras as well as webcams, analog cards, and camcorders. It is also known to capture JPG images as well as movies in AVI, MP4, DVR formats, and Windows Media.

Blue Iris has a web server built-in, and users can also push on the windows media server.

Both the computer and mobile versions are not complicated, making it to the list of the best IP camera DVR software while the mobile and desktop versions look different. However, the interface is quite easy to access and use even if you’re not an expert.

Available for downloads for Windows 8.1 and higher with a mobile version for Androids and the iOS Blue Iris is an excellent choice for VMS.

Also, it comes with multiple view options, which makes it easier for security setups as well as to access every part of your house through your mobile phone and other devices. Users also have benefits here as they get alert notifications via email, messages, loudspeakers, etc. Thus users can be entirely free of theft attacks or security failures.

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