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How To Add More Style To Your Technology

June 25, 2021

If design is important to you, the appearance of most technology may not please your aesthetic taste.

Devices may appear sleek or be available in a variety of colors. But the design of a device that fits your lifestyle doesn’t always fit your style preferences.

Technology is a necessary asset of life that we all depend upon. So, what is a style aficionado to do?

Need some ideas?

Luckily, there are simple ways to make your favorite devices more stylish.

Whatever your budget may be, here are the best ideas for changing up the look of your technology to fit your personal taste.

Keep reading to learn more about how style-minded people add style to their technology devices.

Unique Phone Cases

No matter which device you own, there’s a custom case for you. As long as your device is somewhat mainstream, you can easily find something to fit your style.

You can find a case for your phone that reflects your passions and lifestyle, even if you dig a particular cartoon character, color, pattern, or texture (glitter or leather, anyone?)

Be sure to read reviews, though. Pay attention if a majority of purchasers complain about the quality or appearance.

Ultimately, you want a reliable case that will provide the best protection for your investment. While there are many high-quality options, you’ll want to be sure your phone is adequately protected (no matter how attractive the case may be).

Phone Purses & Carrying Bags

Consider the night ahead before you reach for a bag. You do not want to carry an oversized option for most occasions.

Tote along a stylish phone purse anytime a smaller bag is more practical or any occasion wherein all you really need is your phone and a card or two.

After all, who enjoys toting a heavy handbag or backpack when all you need is a small carrying case for the essentials?

Leave those excess items behind and find a stylish carrying case for your phone and necessities.

You can find plenty of inexpensive options that look high-end, but many designers also fill this niche.

Depending on your budget and how often you’ll need an on-the-go technology bag, there’s something available for everyone.

Smartwatch Bands

Smartwatches are all the rage in tech land these days, and for good reasons.

These tiny devices can:

  • Help organize your life
  • Hold you accountable to a fitness routine
  • Provide notifications you’d otherwise need a phone or computer to access
  • And monitor the state of your health.

But the standard rubber smartwatch band isn’t exactly … well, attractive.

Many prominent and independent designers have stepped in to solve this style crisis. You can now find a band for nearly every type of smartwatch in a wide variety of materials and styles at different price points.

Laptop & Tablet Cases

Many of us working people are constantly on the go, commuting or traveling from meeting to meeting with little time to spare.

Yes, some people might not have any issue with tossing their bare laptop in a backpack and moving from location to location (you do you).

But if you’re particular about style and appearance, invest in a decorative case that makes your laptop or tablet fit with your unique style.

Charging Stations

If your vast array of devices are tangled and chaotic, and you can’t even remember which cord belongs to which item, you might enjoy a charging station.

These handy devices typically consist of wood or some other attractive material. They also usually have USB and charging ports that make it easier to maintain your devices without the hassle.

Cords aside, neat-and-tidy people will love the custom-sized slots designed to house specific technology devices as needed.

Lose The Wires

It’s becoming difficult to find headphones that don’t boast Bluetooth technology.

The reason?

We all know wires are annoying and get in the way!

The widespread availability of wireless earbuds has made it easier to have phone calls while you multitask. So now, you can exercise or listen to music without wrestling with a not-so-cute cord.

Attractive Bluetooth Speakers

These days, there’s a portable Bluetooth speaker for every taste, style, and personality.

They come in a vast array of colors and sizes, with varying levels of sound quality or features (such as being water-resistant or waterproof).

Some Bluetooth speakers look like vintage tube speakers and can connect with your portable device or a vinyl turntable.

Get Organized

Another way to make your technology more stylish is to organize it.

Often, tablets, laptops, phones, and other technology items can begin to look like clutter, so having an attractive way to organize it helps.


There are some great shelving and desktop organizer options to “file” your devices in different slots.

They are available in stylish materials, as well: you might consider one made of cedar or bamboo.

Another perk? If you search for charging stations, you’ll find products that feature various ports for refueling batteries. This is ideal when you’re not using specific devices.

Other Tips

For technology that does have cords, try using cord organizers and clips to give a cleaner look and avoid the chaotic look of tangled wires.

If cases aren’t your thing, or if you’re just looking to add something personal, you can apply a tasteful number of stickers or decals to a device.

There are even laptop wraps made to fit specific models, and you can find them in various designs or patterns.

Caring for your device is critical, too.

It isn’t very stylish to sport cracked or smudged screens, so replace any broken parts and keep devices clean by using tech-safe wipes daily.


While technology can be stylish, it doesn’t always fit well with your personal style or looks nice in a room.

However, there are many ways to organize and customize your technology to create a look that works for you. Try these tips, and make your technology fit your taste today.

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