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YouTube To OGG: How To Convert YouTube To OGG For Free

April 8, 2020

About OGG & Its Advantages

Before going through the conversion process, you must know about OGG and its benefits. It is way simple; after all we are not creating a kickass application! Let’s Read on:

The name OGG is derived from the jargon “ogging” came from a computer game named Netrek. Ogging means doing something forcefully, possibly without consideration of the drain on future resources.

It is a free and nonproprietary multimedia container format developed by Xiph.Org Foundation that stores text, audio, video, and metadata. The format of the OGG file consists of nuggets of data, and each called an “Ogg page.”

However, since 2007, it is used only for storing OGG Vorbis audio files. Keep a note that OGG can be played in specific players like KM Player, VLC, Mplayer, and others.

The developers of OGG format state that it is designed to provide efficient streaming and manipulation of high-quality digital multimedia.

If you are confused between MP3 and OGG, take a note OGG is way better than MP3. Because in the same quality OGG file size is much smaller than MP3. It is also clear that downloading YouTube to OGG saves much memory of your device rather than converting YouTube video into MP3.

How To Convert YouTube To OGG?

The common and most popular way to convert YouTube to OGG is to use YouTube downloader. But it is only applicable to mobile; you can not download YouTube videos on your computer or laptop.

In this post, we will learn about two online YouTube toOGG converters without any charges or installing any software.


It is an online platform that allows you to convert YouTube into OGG. Are you seeking a way to download videos from Facebook, Instagram, etc.? Yes, it can also download videos from other video websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you want to remove the audio from the video, its tools offer you to download without video. It also provides you various features like merge formats, clip a video, etc.

To Convert YouTube to OGG:

Step 1: Open the Website and paste the link of the desired video that you have copied from YouTube. Click on the Convert to go further.

Step 2: Now, choose down arrow icon on the page to select OggVorbis from the drop-down list appeared. Click Convert to continue.

Step 3: After a short period of time, the Convert button will appear as Download File button. Click on it and save the OGG file on your system.    


This website offers you to download video and audio from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Instagram, etc. By using the platform, you can convert YouTube to AAC/OGG/M4A and. You can choose the quality of the video according to your convenience.

It also provides free tools like Facebook downloader for android, add-on for Google Chrome browsers and Mozilla Firefox, and more.

Follow the steps to convert YouTube to OGG:

Step 1: Go to the website and paste the link of the video that you want to convert.

Step 2: Tap on Catch! to initiate the process. Now,select the option mp3/ogg/aac/flac and click on the Convert button.     

Step 3: Select the output format OGG in the Output Settings and set the desired Audio Settings.

Step 4: Then, click on Convert! After that, hit on the Download button to download YouTube to OGG.   

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