Benefits & Drawback Of Using Cheap Web Hosting

Benefits & Drawback Of Using Cheap Web Hosting

March 17, 2020

Choosing to host is one of the first steps we must take in the process of creating an online store with this eCommerce. It is also a fundamental step since the good or bad operation of your store will depend on this choice. Website hosting is an essential aspect of any online business. Without the right hosting, your website would not be what you need it to be. However, choosing the hosting package for your website needs is something else entirely.

What Types Of Usual Hosting Are There?

There are as many Hosting services as there are ways to manage them, but the most common are these 4:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)
  • Cloud Hosting

Shared Hosting

It is characterized by hosting numerous separate and independent user accounts, usually caged, where many websites hosting prices by different accounts use the same server resources.

Growth in a Shared Hosting is limited to the type of plan contracted that will assign a certain number of databases, email accounts, additional domains and aliases, and disk space since, in this type of service, the resources of the same machine with a few hundred more users.

Managed Hosting

With a managed hosting plan, you will pay much higher rates monthly. Still, for this, you get more options to compare to another hosting: more speed, more security, advanced backup features, and you won’t share a server with hundreds from other sites. Rates start at $ 35 per month for around 25,000 visitors.

What Is Cheap Hosting?

The best cheap hosting on the market allows you to host your website on the internet with total comfort, giving you tools so you can manage it, but at a much lower than average price. Although in contrast to the price, the benefits you will have with this type of accommodation are less than those offered by the best hosting companies on the market.

Hosting services generally have fundamental features in lower price plans. They usually allow you to have a single website, restrict the number of email accounts you can create, limit bandwidth, and more.

If you have a personal website, these aspects may not be essential for you; however, for more significant sites, all of them turn out to be crucial.

You should also know that when purchasing cheap hosting plans, the provider is unlikely to give you the domain, so you will have to pay a certain amount of additional money.

Something significant for web page administrators is the support provided by the company; in this sense, cheap hosting services usually give you quite limited support for any problem you may have.

What To Look At Before Buying A Cheap Web Hosting?

Whether your website is a personal project or a professional and demanding website, the web hosting you choose will have to meet some basic requirements. In my opinion, these are essential functions:

Server Availability: If your hosting is always down, your website will be too. Your visitors (and Google) will be unable to see your page; I can’t think of a faster and more absurd way to lose traffic (and web positioning).

The Support: If you have spent more than 5 minutes in the world of web creation, you already know that things can go wrong or worse: posts that disappear or pages that do not load due to problems with DNS. 

Speed: Have you ever stared at a stunning car saying, “Woow how slow it goes.” Well, with the same websites, nobody likes slow sites, in fact, the despair of us.

Opt For Free Or Cheap Hosting: Yes Or No?

Many services offer the impossible at zero cost, so surely you have ever wondered if they are reliable and can bring us some benefit.

And where is the downside of all this? Well, almost certainly, these providers will not cover things as crucial as being able to have their domain or backup copies of the contents of your website.

Everything is about a business, and the key is to offer a free host service limiting practically all the options that your business will need if you want to convert potential clients into real ones.

Also, this type of “bargain” is part of the group of shared servers, but those that are fully saturated, so there is little guarantee of quality. Do you think it is worth cutting costs on something so important? If you are new and the first time launches your site, then this hosting will work for you. 


Before opting for choosing a cheap Hosting, do not overlook that the status of the web hosting provider of your choice, its present position in a very competitive market, and its future projection to improve the hardware fleet and plans commercialized are aspects to be valued over purely economic issues.

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