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How Painful Contract Signing Turn Into A Successful Deal With eSignature

April 2, 2020

Contract signing is often a real nightmare for everyone involved. When it gets right to the last day, the whole company might feel like it’s going up in flames from the stress – staff and management alike! So many different things can go wrong, and not all of them are within your control. Even if you do everything perfectly, a traditionally printed and signed contract might be delayed by the courier, ruining the whole deal!

Worry not though: every problem has its solution. Here are some common pitfalls and the best ways around them!

Problem Area: Contract generation

  • Difficulties locating and placing information
  • Lack of organizational awareness
  • Formatting ruining deals

Solution: Templates!

  • Make sure you know exactly what kind of contract is and is not appropriate for your deal
  • Don’t be afraid to seek legal help
  • Use software like eSign Genie to generate a template that can help you organize every bit of paperwork to your industry standard
  • Save on repetitiveness by using and altering the template as and when required.

Problem Area: Approval process

  • Lack of agreement between parties around time or place for meetings
  • Several contracts on the go at once unable to get scheduled properly
  • More time spent on working out a timetable than the actual contract details

Solution: Move away from traditional hard copy signatures and embrace digital signing technology like eSign Genie.

  • Traditional contracts require meetings, signing times, couriers, agreement, and often delays.
  • Hardcopy errors can’t be easily fixed without rescanning or rewriting, while e-contracts can be fixed immediately.
  • Hardcopies can lose pages or pages get missed – much harder with software that can direct you exactly where you need to look!
  • Digital signatures happen instantly rather than taking days at a time or even weeks as it does when you sign a contract the traditional way.
  • All parties can access digital contracts from anywhere.
  • eSign Genie offers a layer of security for your documents through encryption.
  • An electronically signed agreement is as legally binding in a court of law as would be its paper counterpart. Electronic signatures are legally binding in thirty European countries, the United States, as well as the vast majority of countries around the world.

Deals are critical to your business, so don’t waste time and energy you don’t need to expend.  As you can see, handwritten signatures aren’t required to sign a contract. Get eSign Genie now to save time, money, and other expenses. It will give you your employees, and your clients some real peace of mind that your contracts are standardized, secure, and accessible anywhere. Don’t lose out – adopt anything and everything you can to make those deals smooth, accurate, and secure!

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