TBIB Meaning

TBIB Meaning: What Does TBIB Stand For?

April 1, 2020

Have you ever landed in a situation where your friend circle mentioned “TBIB”, and you were puzzled about what they are talking about? Sometimes, you notice the same acronym on social media platforms but unable to understand the whole thing due to a word.

If you want to know about all the meanings of TBIB, Read on:


TBIB is an acronym that is used to hype oneself or a group of people like class, team, etc. It stands for “The Beast Is Back”. In this context, “beast” refers to a person, object, or group that has returned with the feeling of revenge. Socially it is used in a positive manner to boast up the person or group.

Calling someone” beast” is a boast up that he is now a force to be reckoned with or has come back with a positive change. For Example, saying that a sports team is the “beast,” it means that they are having new players or new coach and will do good in this match or season.

Origin Of TBIB

It was originated around the 20th century, likely during the 1980s. The most popular and accepted theory is that the slang was originated among the sports newscast and mostly used by the sports journalists, reporters, and anchors.

They used to declare players or teams as the “beast” when they return in the game after an absence. It also kept the hidden meaning that the opponent should feel fearful as they are going to compete with the strong team.

The TBIB was commonly used as a boast throughout the 1980s and 1990s. It used to encourage the person or team to give the best and also taken as an appreciation or praised by the best teams. During the 2000s, the acronym gained more acquaintance in society, but after the arrival of social media apps like Twitter, it’s popularity skyrocketed due to hashtags and tweets.


Online Discussion of a Group 

User 1: Guess who’s back guys! He just re-activated the account 😀

User 2: Hey. Who?

User 3: Speak of the Devil. TBIB. What’s going on?

User 1: Nothing much, just sharpening my skills at home.

User 3: That’s Nice Dude!

Status Update on Facebook

“I just log in my account a few minutes ago and feeling overwhelmed already. I have seen all your messages and posts on my wall, wondering if I am fine or not. Sometimes life brings you an unexpected shock, which can be very painful. But, now, I can confirm that I am doing well and will upload the content regularly. Yes, TBIB. Thank you all for your support!”

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