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4 Best Ways To Set Up A Home Office On A Budget

March 16, 2020

Even way before the concept of working from home careers became popular, professionals like teachers and corporate executives have worked in the confines of their homes by setting up their own home office spaces where they can do work-related tasks. It is believed that working from home doesn’t involve the amount of stress that working in an office environment entails and it lessens costs like transportation expenses. That’s why for some it’s more economical to set up their own home office space.

Not everyone has a budget for outfitting an area wherein they can work at home. Some people don’t have the resources to avail of the services of a professional space planner to visit their house and design an efficient home office space. Working at home also means there are many distractions to avoid which causes a decline in productivity for some people.

If you are looking to work at home, still stay productive, and build a space where you can do so comfortably and efficiently without spending a fortune, you can do-it-yourself. Here are ways you can set up a home office on a budget.

1. Pick A Space & Be Creative

The key to a good home office is making use of whatever space you have. This task won’t be too difficult if you have an unused separate room that is still in a  credible condition. If not, find a space, because renovating an entire room can be costly.

You can set up shop in an isolated and sparsely used spot in the house. Or instead of completely converting a certain space, you can consider dividing it by putting up a screen. You’ll want an area where you can fit your stuff and yourself so you can move freely. Also, consider the available source of light. You’ll want to work somewhere where you have an ample amount of light that you need and the ambiance

Typically, a space where you can do work from home should be away from where the busiest areas of the house are, but not too isolated that you won’t be aware of what is happening around you. You can set up near the front door or you can settle near the back entrance. Keep in mind that you must have a defined space where you keep the essentials and separate other important stuff that might get lost in the shuffle like bills and belongings. Keeping things organized is an important key in building your office space.

2. Create A Plan

As tempting as it is to keep on moving around furniture until the space works, try spending some time on measuring the space so you can make a floor plan. Think it through to be satisfied with the result you will get. Prioritize the essentials that you need to have for work.

Remember that you are doing this on a budget, so consider affordable and reasonable options like the products that they have in a  Manila hardware store that has quality and assurance to deliver simple and effective DIY hardware solutions. Preferably, your desk should have enough room for a computer and any other work items. Your desk chair should be adjustable in height and depth with backrest for support and enough cushioning. A storage system should also be in place and a source of light. If the ceiling doesn’t allow for lighting space, get a light that you can mount on the wall or one that you can place on your desk.

Include visitors on your plan. If your profession requires you to meet up with important people like teammates or clients, make sure that they are comfortable when they visit. This is where your creativity in personalization will come in handy. Little things like plants, comfortable chairs and a small table to place your drinks and snacks on, or a wall clock that you can look at to keep track of the time because you can’t really rely on yourself to check the time on your computer, can give off the welcoming ambiance that your visitors and yourself will appreciate.

3. Use What You Have

Anything in good condition around the house that you can use to make your office space better, use it. Look for items that can be used in an office setting. Smaller items like notebooks or staplers can be found in your past stuff from school while desks and lamps are usually found at the garage or the attic.

Whatever you have and whatever you can do to make your home office a possibility, you can do it. Paint the walls, decorate, and pick the furniture and accessories you want. You can even build your own desk if you don’t have used ones around the house.

You can also repurpose items which is a great way to cut costs on purchases. Make sure you are selecting pieces that fit your work and lifestyle like multi-functional furniture. Multi-functional furniture saves money and space.

You can also barter and trade with your neighbors and friends. You can go online and post to inquire about the things that you need for your home office. Chances are, someone you know may have the pieces that just fit right in your home.

4. Go Mobile

If you are using a laptop to accomplish your work, you can literally do that from anywhere in the house. You may not need a wide space for your home office as you were led to think. The perfect work-at-home setting might just be on your couch and the coffee table. Procrastination-in-disguise, you don’t have to wait, just jump in and engage at any space you feel comfortable at.

Making your own home office space does not have to cost you money. It’s mainly about preference and most home office space is either made with simplicity or style. Or even both. You are at the comfort and convenience of your home, that itself is a luxury that you can enjoy while you make a living. There’s no place to work like your own home. 

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