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3 Common Household Emergencies & What To Do

June 20, 2023

There are so many things we are never taught and just expected to know as an adult. Every day, someone is on the phone with their elderly parents asking what they should do after an accident or emergency has struck their home. Here are five of the most common household emergencies and how to deal with them so you can take what life throws at you in your stride.

Power Cuts

There are a number of reasons you may lose power. A power cut could affect your whole neighbourhood or town, or it could be a problem specific to your home. Before you get in contact with an electrician, or panic on the phone with your parents, inspect your mains fuse box, sometimes called a consumer unit. Fuses ‘tripping’ is a common cause of power outages, and you may only need to flick a switch to bring your home back online.

In a home, you can usually find your main fuse box next to your electricity meter. In apartments, they are usually in the main hallway of the property. Inside is a collection of fused switches that may turn themselves off if there is a power surge or an electrical problem with your home circuit. Switch on any fuses in the off position and see if the power comes back on. If you cannot switch them back or the power cuts again, you may need the help of an electrician to diagnose the problem.

Locking Yourself Out

It is oh-so-easy to lose your keys or lock yourself out of your home. We rely so much on modern technology that it is easy to forget about something as basic and mechanical as your keys, and when you do, it is incredibly frustrating.

Add an emergency locksmith to your contacts on your phone. In an emergency, you will know who to turn to. Curley Lockslocksmiths are emergency locksmith based in Cardiff that can help people regain entry into their home at any hour of the day. Having a 24-hour locksmith service at hand means that, no matter when you lose your keys, you can still get back inside.

A Blocked Toilet

This is one of a home’s most common problems, and few people know how to deal with it or even how their toilet works. This doesn’t have to be a dirty job to deal with, so don’t worry. One simple solution is to use vinegar and baking soda in the pan to help dissolve the blockage. Add the baking soda first, and then add the vinegar. The chemical reaction can help break down whatever is blocking the toilet.

Try not to flush the toilet until the blockage seems clear or you could flood the bathroom. If you cannot remove the blockage using this method or a plunger, call in a professional for help. Taking on the job after using these quick fixes has failed could lead you to do more harm than good to your plumbing.

These simple solutions can save you time, money, and stress. Make sure you know what to do if these common household emergencies strike your home so you can solve the problem yourself or know who to call when the worst happens.

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